May 05, 2011

ASCAP Statement to Members on EMI's Online Licensing Announcement

The ASCAP Board has adopted a resolution providing a licensing alternative that allows certain members to experiment with bundling the performance right with rights that they already license for defined categories of currently unlicensed online music users. For these unlicensed digital services where a member already licenses other rights, such as the mechanical right for music lockers and the synch right for music videos, the member will continue to license those rights directly and can now bundle them with the public performing right.

Because of the narrow scope involved, we expect this alternative to only have a minimal impact on our operations and member distributions.

While EMI has chosen to pursue this licensing alternative, ASCAP will continue to license EMI's catalog for all broadcasters' analog and digital platforms, including cable, satellite, television and radio as well as all other offline media.

Click here for the revised ASCAP Compendium.