HITLAB and ASCAP Partner to Offer Songwriter/Artists a System to Evaluate Their Music


New York, NY and Montreal, Canada: November 18, 2010: ASCAP (the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), the leading U.S. performing rights organization, and HITLAB.com, a new media company focused on reinventing the way music is discovered, produced, marketed and distributed, have entered into an exclusive agreement to help ASCAP's nearly 400,000 songwriter, composer and publisher members receive evaluation, scoring and personal feedback of their song submissions.

Created with Grammy-nominated songwriter/artist/producer and ASCAP member Akon, HITLAB's innovative software provides an exciting new song evaluation system. Akon's HITLAB uses an algorithm to analyze songs for hit potential, offering a unique tool for craft development and career enhancement. ASCAP members will receive a 33% discount and the opportunity to have their songs evaluated and ranked for potential showcasing in front of Akon, radio exposure and a shot in a national songwriting contest.

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"We're very excited to offer ASCAP members a way to evaluate the potential of their efforts and receive feedback on optimizing their success," said Phil Crosland, ASCAP Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. "As an organization run by music creators, their career success is at the heart of everything we do. And with Akon, it's especially gratifying to partner in this effort with a member who in 2011 will celebrate his 15th anniversary of success with ASCAP."

HITLAB Vice President of Business Development John Alexander added, "Our continued record of predicting song success makes Akon's HITLAB a very valuable tool for songwriters in today's challenging environment. After carefully analyzing the best options for deploying that value, we feel the organizational outreach and level of engagement demonstrated by ASCAP with its members makes ASCAP the ideal partner."

About HITLAB.com
HITLAB.com is a new media company focused on reinventing the way music is discovered, produced, marketed and distributed. The Company is a joint venture between a key Canadian Internet company and world renowned multi-platinum-selling artist Akon. HITLAB.com owns a proprietary DHS (Dynamic Hit Scoring) music analysis technology which decomposes the sound frequencies of a song into a musical "DNA" that is compared to the "DNA" of highly ranked songs on past billboard charts to test for "hit potential". HITLAB.com is a global social networking music community catering to up-and-coming artists, early adopter listeners and talent seeking labels. Already in English and Chinese, HITLAB.com is developing new versions of its website based for French, Spanish and Hindi communities. For more information, visit the company's website at www.hitlab.com.