April 12, 2004

The ASCAP Foundation Names Winners of the 2004 Morton Gould Young Composer Awards

ASCAP Foundation President Marilyn Bergman has announced the winners of the 2004 ASCAP Foundation Morton Gould Young Composer Awards.

Congratulating the award recipients, Marilyn Bergman said, "The 2004 Morton Gould Young Composer Awards honor gifted young composers from 9 years of age to 30. These young talents represent the future of American concert music. We congratulate the recipients and express our appreciation to the dedicated panel of ASCAP composers who selected the winners from amongst 500 submissions."

Established in 1979, the ASCAP Foundation Morton Gould Young Composer program grants cash prizes to young Concert Music composers up to 30 years of age whose works are selected through a juried national competition. These composers may be American citizens, permanent residents, or students possessing US Student Visas.

Morton Gould, a Pulitzer Prize-winning composer, served as President of ASCAP and The ASCAP Foundation from 1986 – 1994. Gould, an eminent and versatile American composer, was a child prodigy whose first composition was published by G. Schirmer when he was only six years of age. To honor Gould’s lifelong commitment to encouraging young creators, the annual ASCAP Foundation program was dedicated to his memory, following his death in 1996. The winning composers share prizes of approximately $40,000, including the Leo Kaplan Award, honoring the distinguished jurist who served for twenty-eight years as ASCAP Special Distribution Advisor, and a grant from the DeVries Fund for our youngest creators from K-12 grade.

The 2004 Morton Gould Young Composer recipients are listed with their current residence, and places of origin: Randall Bauer of Princeton, NJ; Kyle Blaha of Rochester, NY (Belleville, IL); Michael Djupstrom of Ann Arbor, MI (St. Paul, MN); Avner Dorman of New York, NY (Tel-Aviv, Israel); Kenneth Froelich of Bloomington, IN (Chester, PA); Judd Greenstein of New Haven, CT (NY); Yotam Haber of New York, NY (The Netherlands); Vincent Chee-Yung Ho of Los Angeles, CA (Alberta, Canada); Takuma Itoh of Houston, TX (Menlo Park, CA); Vera Ivanova of Rochester, NY (Moscow, Russia); Jonathan Keren of New York, NY (Israel); Caroline Mallonee of Baltimore, MD (Durham, NC); Paula Matthusen of Brooklyn, NY (Tempe, AZ); John Mayrose of Durham, NC (Shelby, NC); Sean McClowry of New York, NY (Rockford, IL); Nathan Michel of Princeton, NJ (Charleston, SC); Karola Obermueller of Cambridge, MA (Seeheim, Germany); Daniel Ott of New York, NY (Neptune City, NJ); Norbert Palej of New York, NY (Krakow, Poland); Joshua Penman of Ann Arbor, MI (Brookline, MA); Huang Ruo of New York, NY (Hainan Island, China); Wonhee Shin of Cincinnati, OH (Seoul, Korea); David Stovall of New Haven, CT (Fairfax, VA); Wang Xi of Ithaca, NY (Shanghai, China), and Zhou Tian of Philadelphia, PA (Hangzhou, China).

The following composers received Honorable Mention: John Arrigo-Nelson of East Setauket, NY (Providence, RI); Nathan Brock of San Diego, CA (Boston, MA); Mathew Fuerst of New York, NY (Covina, CA); Daniel Highman of Bloomington, IN (San Mateo, CA); Angel Lam of Baltimore, MD (Hong Kong, China); Jacob Rundall of Urbana, IL (Eau Claire, WI); and Katharine Penland Soper of Berkeley, CA (Ann Arbor, MI).

The youngest ASCAP Foundation composer winners range in age from 9 to 18 and are listed by state of origin: Athena Adamopoulos, age 17 (NY); Kit Armstrong, age 11 (CA); Peter Asimov, age 12 (NY); Julia Scott Carey, age 17 (MA); Sebastian Chang, age 15 (CA); Roy Femenella, age 9 (NY); Jay Greenberg, age 12 (CT); Karen Hakobyan, age 18 (UT); Alice Hong, age 11 (NC); Geoff Knorr, age 18 (GA); Christopher Lim, age 15 (NY); Tudor Dominik Maican, age 15 (MD); Max Schreier, age 18 (MA); Natasha Sinha, age 13 (MA), and Conrad Tao, age 9 (NY).

The following composers received Honorable Mention: Preben Antonsen, age 12 (CA); Zachary Bernstein, age 16 (WA); Sasha Clynes, age 13 (NY); Jade Conlee, age 11 (UT); William David Cooper, age 17 (MI); Michael Foumai, age 16 (HI); Farhad Hudiyev, age 18 (MN), and Kevin Kim, age 14 (NJ).

The 2004 ASCAP composer/judges are: Eve Beglarian; David Lang; Paul Lansky; Chris Theofanidis; Ezequiel Vinao; and Zhou Long.

For more than twenty-five years, The ASCAP Foundation has been dedicated to nurturing gifted composers, and preserving our musical legacy by serving the entire music community through a variety of educational, professional and humanitarian programs.