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The new Disney adaptation of Pete's Dragon is composer Daniel Hart's first major film, following a slew of indie hits like Ain't Them Bodies Saints, Comet and Tumbledown. The score effortlessly sweeps us away into the world of the classic children's adventure. Pack up your camping gear and take a peek into how Hart's magical score came together.

When American Idol ended its 15 year run last week, it was a bittersweet moment for the countless songwriters and producers who contributed to the Idol machine's success. ASCAP member Sam Hollander wrote songs with many of the show's finalists. Find out what it was like for him to go from American Idol junkie to songwriter.

What better way to get in the Valentine's Day mood than turning down the lights and turning up some sweet-sounding love songs? Here's a playlist of 10 ASCAP "love" songs currently steaming up the Billboard Hot 100. From sexy and upbeat, to slow and romantic, this playlist has a little something for everyone.

Carol is a film about intimacy, told intimately by director Todd Haynes. Its score, by ASCAP composer Carter Burwell, is an essential part of Carol’s elegant tapestry. Its cues are composed of small musical gestures, hinting at the passions under the surface. We spoke with Burwell about how he crafted his luminous score.