December 13, 2016

Their First Broadway Experience!

Children Will Listen

The ASCAP Foundation Children Will Listen program introduces the American musical theater to children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience it. The program was named for one of the songs from Stephen Sondheim’s musical, Into the Woods.


How the Children Will Listen works

Teaching materials are provided to the teachers so they can discuss the elements of a live musical theater production. Before the live performance, members of the show’s creative team travel to the school to provide an in-depth introduction to the production as well as to connect themes and issues to the students’ lives. A week later, it’s show time! All of the kids are transported by chartered buses to a beautiful theater, each child with a premium Broadway show ticket in his/her hand. Immediately following the matinee performance, as the rest of the audience is exiting, the children sit in the front rows of the theater for an insightful question and answer session with the stars and creative team before bidding a fond farewell.

To date, The ASCAP Foundation Children Will Listen program has introduced the many facets of musical theater to almost two thousand economically disadvantaged children nationwide. This summer, The ASCAP Foundation Children Will Listen program will treat Harlem School of the Arts summer campers, age 11-13 to see Broadway’s The Lion King. Check out our YouTube video about this worthy program here:


$50 enables us to provide teaching materials to one school

$100 allows us provides snacks and bus transportation to a theater for 5 students

$250 helps us support teaching artists and staff leaders

$1,000 enables us to provide theater tickets for 10 children

$10,000 sponsors a Children Will Listen program

To make top-notch programs like this one possible, The ASCAP Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, relies on gifts from donors like you. Please join our efforts this holiday season by clicking donate above. Thank you!

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