June 03, 2014

Soundcheque Is “Helping Music Makers Make It”

an interview with Founder and CEO Laura Westcott

Laura Westcott, Founder and CEO of Soundcheque

Soundcheque Founder and CEO Laura Westcott

So what inspired you to develop Soundcheque?

I began singing when I was five and I knew it was my dream to become an opera singer. My parents encouraged me to take trumpet and piano lessons too and I studied music at university. During that time I met songwriters who signed to publishers at a young age, only to unknowingly sign away their rights and royalties. I wanted to make a change to this uneconomical business model and the idea of Soundcheque came about whilst reading Duncan Bannatyne’s book, Anyone Can Do It . I wanted to create a company where composers and songwriters were given 100% royalties and were paid for their music rather than them being short-changed. Bannatyne said to list your strengths and find a way of connecting them. Mine were music, film (I used to co-own a film website), and contacts from my eight years at The Times. I knew I could interconnect them all in this one business.

Why should composers join Soundcheque?

Soundcheque is about putting the full focus on the composer and ensuring their artistic integrity is fully appreciated. We offer a free service, are non-exclusive and claim no rights over their music, so it is a great opportunity for connecting composers and songwriters with film and media makers from all over the world. We only take a small finder’s fee and in return we actively promote their music through our social media networks, free of charge.

All tracks go through an approval process with our team of talented music matchers. Once approved, they appear anonymously in our online database for anyone to listen to. The reason we have chosen this approach is we want music to be chosen by ear, not by name. Also in my experience, not all composers are extroverts. Most aren’t.

Our mission statement is "Helping Music Makers Make It."

What makes Soundcheque unique amongst a sea of music libraries?

Our ethos and charity work catapults us beyond the seas! We don’t consider ourselves as a “music library.” We consider the tracks in our database as CVs (resumes) for what the composers can do. Clients give us a brief and we will find music for them with no extra charge.

What are your long term goals for Soundcheque?

We are launching in LA alongside the BPI on June 4 and will be showcasing Soundcheque artists on the third biggest stage at the Isle of Wight Festival in June. We are also planning a variety of showcase gigs with Gibson Guitars at The Camden Roundhouse and there might be some TV shows in the pipeline.

We are also in discussions with The British Film Institute about further collaborations since we partnered on their Future Film Festival this year. We want to teach young filmmakers around the world at the start of their careers about the importance of music. It’s always the last layer and never budgeted for. We want to change this mind set.

I want to expand our charity work and have been liaising with a charity called RP Fighting Blindness. Music is a lifeline for most blind people, and I’m going to be blindfolded for a week to raise money and awareness for Retinitis pigmentosa around World Sight Day.

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