December 20, 2013

The Echo Society's "Winter" Bridges Concert & Electronic Music

Genre divisions faded away and electronics melted into orchestral textures during Winter, the inaugural concert by composer collective The Echo Society. Held on December 12th at Mack Sennet Studios in Los Angeles and sponsored by ASCAP, the concert presented eight new pieces that bridged the gap between concert music and electronica. 

A privately-invited audience of more than 300 marveled as a ten-piece chamber ensemble performed each piece, augmented by swirling synthetic sounds. The music was conducted by ASCAP composer Joseph Trapanese and enhanced by minimalist lighting design by Brady McGowan. 

The night's musical offerings included:

Brendan Angelides (aka Eskmo) - "Polar Bear and Blackbirds" 
Judson Crane - "Alter Peak" 
Nathan Johnson - "One of These Days" 
Joseph Trapanese - "Northern Light" 
Rob Simonsen - "Warmth for Wolves"
Jeremy Zuckerman - "Far Away Storms"
Benjamin Wynn (aka Deru) - "Black Snow"
Faux Fix (featuring Nathan Johnson) - "Little Smoke Stacks"

DJ Mileece opened the event with vintage algorithms and her own embellishments.

We're thrilled to see young composers creating a space for original music on their own terms. We can't wait for more admixtures of musical idioms from this bold new collective. 

More about the Echo Society: