November 07, 2013

US Register of Copyrights Maria Pallante Visits ASCAP

Maria Pallante, the US Register of Copyrights, visited ASCAP's LA offices on November 6th during a trip to Los Angeles. Pallante, ASCAP President Paul Williams and ASCAP Board member Marilyn Bergman discussed the state of music copyright, and how the songwriting and composing communities can work together with lawmakers to make sure their rights are protected as the US Copyright Act goes through changes in the coming months and years. Afterwards Pallante stopped by the writer's room, where ASCAP Foundation Lester Sill Songwriting Workshop alumni Rachel Assil and Jesse Macht were working on a song.

Earlier this year, Pallante was the sole witness at a hearing of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet devoted to proposed changes to copyright law. In her testimony, she stated in no uncertain terms that music creators' rights should remain at the heart of any updates: 

"The issues of authors are intertwined with the interests of the public. As the first beneficiaries of the copyright law, they are not a counterweight to the public interest but instead are at the very center of the equation...Congress has a duty to keep authors in its mind’s eye, including songwriters...A law that does not provide for authors would be illogical — hardly a copyright law at all."

As ASCAP works to preserve the livelihoods of the music community, we look forward to continuing our open dialogue with policymakers in Washington.

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