August 27, 2013

Lucas Lechowski & K'naan Team Up for Music/Sound Design Lab

Skywalker Sound's Steve Boeddeker, K'Naan, Lucas Lechowski

Pictured (l-r): Skywalker Sound's Steve Boeddeker, K’naan, Lucas Lechowski. Photo by April Blackman.

Composer, violinist and ASCAP film scoring workshop veteran Lucas Lechowski was one of 10 composers chosen to participate in the inaugural Sundance Institute Music and Sound Design Labs at Skywalker Sound, held in July at Skywalker Ranch in California.

The Sundance Institute has hosted its Composers Labs at Sundance Resort for fiction feature films since 1999 and documentaries since 2005, allowing composers and independent filmmakers to collaboratively explore the process of writing music for film. This year marks the first time that the Institute has expanded the program to include sound design.

Lechowski was paired with Somali-Canadian writer-director K’naan, also an ASCAP member, to create the score for K’naan’s feature film Maanokoobiyo. The film follows a Somalian orphan named Maano as he joins the mercenary killing squad of a notorious warlord, only to discover his adoptive father and gang leader is responsible for wiping out his family. Lechowski describes his collaboration as “very inspiring and experimental, as he is also a musician.”

Lechowski and K’naan worked together with Skywalker Sound’s Steve Boeddeker to perfect the film’s sonics. “We were working on two scenes selected from the footage K’naan did earlier during the Directors Lab program,” Lechowski explains. “As a part our process we were crashing bottles, tearing paper and recording all sorts of sounds, including prepared piano and getting all I could from my poor violin :) Then, we were able to experiment with the orchestra sounds and mix it, with Steve’s help and expertise. I think we got something interesting out of that process.”

About Lucas Lechowski
Lucas Lechowski is a Polish composer, violinist and guitarist. Lucas participated in two ASCAP film scoring workshops (ASCAP/NYU and ASCAP/Columbia University). The film he was collaborating on during the 2012 ASCAP/Columbia University Film Scoring Workshop, Un Mundo Para Raúl (written and directed by Mauro Mueller), won many awards, including the Student Academy Award (2013). Lucas’s works in progress include original music for a two-hour NBC TV special commemorating the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Visit him on the web at

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