July 22, 2013

ASCAP New Members: The 88

By Tyler Edmonston, Member Services Representative

The 88

The 88. Photo by Eric Cwiertny.

Few bands have explored the alt-rock landscape as extensively as The 88 have in recent years. From their start as LA Weekly’s “Best Pop/Rock Band of the Year,” these four Los Angeles natives have continued to find success in both independent and popular realms. Whether they are sharing the stage with acts like The Kinks’ Ray Davies and Smashing Pumpkins, or setting the bar for radio, film and TV placements, The 88 have consistently presented a tactful mix of modern pop with old school rock. Their well-received style is matched by an equally impressive sense of ingenuity, which can be seen through projects like their self-produced YouTube videos and the single, "Love Is the Thing,” recorded using only an iPhone app.

The 88’s newest LP Fortune Teller is no exception to their adventurous approach to rock. For the group’s sixth studio album, the band members decided to switch instruments during the writing and recording phase. This game of musical chairs has sparked an album filled with anthems, ballads and jams sporting a fresh sound and tasteful nods to classic Brit-rock nuances. In light of their newly explored creative avenues, guitarist Keith Slettadahl explains “The band is in a place where we are all open to new ideas and willing to try things we haven't done before…Fortune Teller feels like a new beginning.”

Mindful of the next step in their careers, members of The 88 recently made the switch to ASCAP. This change was encouraged by their bass player, Todd O’Keefe, who’d mentioned his positive experience as a longtime member of ASCAP. Upon switching, The 88 members soon found their own appreciation for ASCAP. “Immediately it seemed like there may be more of an interest taken in us and a better personal connection at ASCAP,” Slettadahl enthuses. “Our rep has personally helped me with a lot of questions I've had and has made me feel comfortable and, dare I say, important?"

Visit The 88 on the web at the88.net