June 07, 2013

"On the Come Up" - June Edition

Producer M. GeeZy chats with “On the Come Up” about his love for his career.

M. GeeZy

M. GeeZy

Where are you originally from?

M. GeeZy: Lake City, FL.

What was your first introduction into the music industry?

MG: I moved to Jacksonville, FL in 1998 and started working with all of the local artists in town. That led to my first placements. I had four placements on the Big Ballers: The Movie soundtrack.

How did you get the opportunity to work with T. Rone on “Hello Love?” How was your experience working with him?

MG: I've been working with T. Rone off and on since 2000. We've always had a great chemistry together. One night in the studio, as usual, I started hitting the melody on the keys and he started free-styling “Hello Love” – and history was made. My experience working with T.Rone has always been great. We think alike and know that we can create great music for the world. We want to take our cities to the top!

What are you currently working on?

MG: I am currently working with T. Rone to help finish his album. And I’m also focused on creating more hit records and working with everybody that is interested in my sound.

What inspires you to create music?

MG: My children inspire everything I do! They make me work harder everyday.

What differentiates you from other producers?

MG: I'm a musician first. I play piano, guitar, trumpet and anything I can get my hands on. So I think this gives me an edge as a complete “producer,” instead of a common “beat-maker.” I’m known for composing beats on the spot with the artist and/or writer in the room. It allows me to create music based on what they are feeling at that time.

Who is your musical mentor and why?

MG: My father. I’m the son of a pastor and I grew up playing instruments in the church choir band. He is my biggest influence.

What advice do you have for up-and-coming producers?

MG: You should find an artist and lock-in with them. Make sure the artist has as much drive and ambition as yourself, so you complement each other. That is a formula for success!

For more information on M. GeeZy, follow him on Twitter at @iAmMGeeZy.