June 21, 2013

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Friday, June 21

The ASCAP Daily Brief

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Tech companies and criminals have made billions supporting the illegal exploitation of our cultural past
while ruthlessly pursuing the dismantling of incentives creators need to fashion our cultural future

"Perhaps Culture is Now the Counterculture" A Defense of the Humanities
By Leon Wieseltier -- Has there ever been a moment in American life when the humanities were cherished less, and has there ever been a moment in American life when the humanities were needed more?... there is no task more urgent in American intellectual life at this hour than to offer some resistance to the twin imperialisms of science and technology...[Thanks to Terry Hart for this most important link.]

Free Speech & Digital-Age Narcissism
By David Newhoff -- Fighting mass copyright infringement isn't censorship by any definition of that word.

Peering Pressure: the Secret Battle to Control the Future of the Internet
By Stacey Higginbotham -- There is a fierce battle going on to control the future of the internet, and consumers are the innocent bystanders. The latest fight between ISPs and over-the-top providers is taking place deep in the network, away from the eyes of regulators and consumers. Welcome to the world of peering fights.

How Artists Are Subsidizing Pandora's Lack of Profitability...
By Paul Resnikoff -- This is a critical point that keeps coming up about Pandora, a company whose pursuit of lowered royalties is now becoming obsessive. According to a comparative research report released by economist Jeffrey Eisenach, Pandora's royalty rates are completely reasonable — and oftentimes lower — than other retailers that purchase and repackage materials from other producers.

Facebook Communities For Artists Rights
By The Trichordist -- The Trichordist links through to FarePlay on Facebook from its blog and there are also other communities. Please support all of these pages and let Trichordist know if there are more.

Apple and Netflix Dominate Online Video
By Brian X. Chen

What Internet Radio Needs to Disrupt Actual Radio
By Brad Hill -- The term "radio" is misapplied to internet services like Pandora, AOL Radio, Rhapsody Radio, the upcoming iTunes Radio and their ilk...The business intent in all cases is more ambitious - to wean people from the terrestrial radio habit and migrate them to online services. Will it work? It's not working in a big way yet.

[Stop blubbering blubber boy!]
Dotcom Decries 'Largest Data Massacre' After Company Deletes Files
By Reuters -- Dutch firm LeaseWeb said it had in February erased 630 servers rented by Megaupload, about a year after US authorities closed the site and charged its operators with facilitating online piracy, racketeering and money laundering.

Pirate Bay Founder Sentenced to 2 Years in Sweden Hacking Case
By Veronica Ek

[What Google is doing with data farms full of sensitive information about everyone in the world is a problem.]
France, Spain Take Action Against Google on Privacy
By Natalie Huet -- France's data protection watchdog ordered Google on Thursday to change its privacy policy or face fines, leading a Europe-wide push to get the Internet giant to clarify its intentions and methods for collecting user data.

You Know What's Cool? 1 Million Advertisers On Facebook
By Robert Hof -- Facebook just hit 1 million advertisers, a milestone signaling that it has become a mainstream advertising channel for small and medium-sized businesses.

Want To Go Global? Think Social [CHART]
By Bruce Houghton

Just For Men (Brush-In Color Gel for Mustache & Beard), Hair Dye, Wigs, Girdles and liniment all around
Black Sabbath Earns First-Ever No. 1 Album on Billboard 200 Chart
By Keith Caulfield -- Almost 43 years after Black Sabbath debuted on the Billboard 200, the iconic rock band earns its first No. 1 album this week with the arrival of "13." The set starts at No. 1 with 155,000 copies sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

ASCAP OnStage Submission Deadline – June 30, 2013
ASCAP pays members for live performances at venues of any size. Just provide the basic details of the performance and which of your songs were performed and you'll receive an OnStage payment with your normal ASCAP distribution. It's that simple.

Amazing 33 1/3 Album Series Is Now Available as Apple iBooks
By Eliot Van Buskirk -- If you've ever read a book in Continuum's excellent 33 1/3 series about an album that changed your life, you know why we would argue that they are exactly what music needs. It's all about context, and if your love for (or interest in) a particular album knows no bounds, these "deep dives," to use the parlance of our times, are well worth reading.

Dean Kay


Dean Kay has been at the helm of some of the most highly respected and forward thinking music publishing companies in the world, first as COO of the Welk Music Group, then as President/CEO of the US division of the PolyGram International Publishing Group, and now as President/CEO of his own precedent setting venture, Lichelle Music Company. Prior to his involvement in publishing, he was a successful songwriter, having had hundreds of his compositions recorded - including "That's Life" by Frank Sinatra. Mr. Kay has been a member of the Board of Directors of ASCAP since 1989. He has served on the Boards of Directors of the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA), the Harry Fox Agency, Inc. (HFA), the Country Music Association (CMA), the Academy of County Music (ACM), the Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP), and the California Copyright Conference (CCC). Click here to read his full bio

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