June 12, 2013

ASCAP President Paul Williams Responds to Pandora Op-Ed Attacking ASCAP Advocacy

Paul Williams at CISAC

Pandora ran an op-ed in the daily congressional newspaper, The Hill, yesterday attacking ASCAP's efforts to protect fair compensation for its members from the online music streaming service. Here is ASCAP President and Chairman and songwriter Paul Williams's response:

"Songwriters and composers are struggling in the digital economy to be paid fairly for their creative work. Pandora is trying every trick in the book to brazenly and unconscionably underpay and take advantage of the creative labor that produces the core offering of their business – music written by individual songwriters and composers. ASCAP has an ethical obligation to serve and protect the hundreds of thousands of small and independent songwriters, composers and music publishers we represent to ensure that they receive fair compensation when their songs are performed on any technology platforms. Internet and traditional AM/FM radio services are very different businesses with different formats, using music in very different ways. Pandora’s claims against songwriters and publishers further proves the importance of ASCAP’s mission to protect the human rights of its songwriter and composer members to be treated fairly by businesses that publicly perform their music in this new digital era."

Williams delivered a powerful keynote at the CISAC World Creators Summit last week in DC. He spoke passionately and pointedly about what it means to be a creator in today's challenging digital environment. Read the full speech here