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February 05, 2013

Robert DeLong on Just Movement

By Robert DeLong

Robert DeLong

Just Movement began something like five years ago with a melody and a lyric. I was sitting in a car on a rainy day in Washington and recorded the melody that appears on the album's bookend tracks into my flip phone. I graduated college later that year, and with nothing to do but play drums in bands and teach drum lessons, I began feverishly writing and recording songs. Sometimes I would stay up all night in our garage studio in Azusa recording vocals and percussion, cutting up audio in Logic, and angering our neighbors.

The album was born amidst that sort of existential freedom that comes with starting a new period of life - it was philosophical open season for me, and I was throwing away a lot of ideas I felt were no longer helpful, while trying on new ways of thinking (and watching a lot of TED Talks). In doing so I opened myself to the concept of the "pop song" as an effective means of communicating musical and lyrical elements succinctly with the listener.

About a year later I went to my first electronic music festival, or "rave." As a drummer, I was struck by the way drum sounds and loop variation played such a significant role in propelling the music forward emotively, and also how important form was in creating anticipation through expectation in the listener.

These initial conditions were factors that led to me revamping these indie-pop songs with EDM elements. Every song on the record slowly evolved through natural selection - a sort of echoing of the lyrical themes of the album in my musical creative process. The record is house and electro and moombahton and indie-pop and rock and roll, connected through a lyrical preoccupation with the ontological. Just Movement was a continuous creative journey from start to finish, and I hope that sense of momentum translates to the listener's experience as well.


Robert DeLong began performing his genre-bending songs in 2010, where he uses MIDI interfaces, a full drum set, drum pads, keyboards, laptops and game controllers, looping his music to fuse electronic dance beats with rock 'n' roll melodies. As DeLong started playing more and more shows (most recently the Silver Lake Jubilee Festival, The Starscape Festival in Baltimore, Maryland and opening for STRFKR), he immediately caught the attention of critics and fans alike. Albany's Alternative Rock station WEQX added "Global Concepts," which has since become the station's #1 most requested song. DeLong has also received radio play from influential rock stations such as KCRW and KROQ. Find out more about Robert DeLong at robertdelongmusic.com.

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