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September 17, 2012

Free Career Development Videos from Joe Solo

By Tim Hayes, Associate Director, Communications & Media

Joe Solo

Joe Solo

The ever-changing music industry of today can be a tricky place to navigate. Without the knowledge and know-how gained from years of experience, pursuing a career in music might seem overly daunting, even for the most courageous among us. Luckily, Los Angeles-based record producer, songwriter, composer and ASCAP member Joe Solo is here to help out a bit.

Joe is an industry pro who has worked with an impressive roster of big name talent, including Michael Jackson, Macy Gray, Fergie and will.i.am, among others, and has had his music featured on popular programming like One Tree Hill, The OC, Major League Baseball and Dancing with the Stars.

With all his expertise, Joe has developed a series of short informational videos and tip sheets that provide unique creative, marketing and music industry information with the end goal of helping you move ahead and break through. Each three-minute video is self-contained and covers one vital concept or topic that will help accelerate your music career, including song production, studio gear, networking and songwriting. Joe calls them "Music Success Video Nuggets" and they are all available for free.

Take a look at the video on networking above for just a taste of what this series has to offer. Joe even mentions the ASCAP "I Create Music" EXPO as "the biggest and best conference" for songwriters of all styles. Joe would know; he's been a panelist at the EXPO numerous times over the years and has even participated in one-on-one sessions with attendees.

Want to see more? Head on over to www.MusicSuccessWorkshop.com and sign up to receive free videos and tips from Joe every week!


Follow Joe Solo on Twitter at @joesolo1.

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