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August 03, 2012

Joseph LoDuca on Soldiers of Fortune

By Joseph LoDuca

Joseph LoDuca

Joseph LoDuca (right) with his wife and son at the 2012 ASCAP Film & TV Music Awards

When I was asked to score Soldiers of Fortune, I was excited by the prospect of working with performances by some of the best character actors in the business today: Sean Bean, James Cromwell, Ving Rhames, Colm Meany and Christian Slater. They did not disappoint. Jeff Most, my producer, gave me the resources necessary to bring what everybody wanted: big, dynamic action/adventure music.

Initially there's a humorous element in the premise of bringing a team of billionaires within safe firing distance of an actual war between rebels and a corrupt regime. These "soldiers of fortune" soon find themselves in the middle of something they never intended, creating the need for them to step up and become heroes. The score called for massive percussion, brass and strings, infused with the Arabic and Eastern European inflections of the settings.

This was a Russian production using an American and British cast, and the director is Russian. There was a great young editor, Danny Sapphire, that I worked with. More and more films these days require international collaboration. In the past few years I have I had the opportunity to work with filmmakers from New Zealand, Uruguay, Wales, England, France and Russia. I have learned a lot from them.


Soldiers of Fortune is now in theaters. Find out more here: www.soldiersoffortunemovie.com.

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