June 08, 2012

Ryan Miller Scores Safety Not Guaranteed

After a critically-acclaimed debut at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Safety Not Guaranteed opens in theaters on June 8th. The film features a score written by ASCAP member Ryan Miller (Guster), who performed at this year’s Sundance ASCAP Music Café alongside fellow film composer Mike Viola. We asked the film music vet about his start in film scoring and how he became involved with Safety Not Guaranteed.

Miller also treated the Sundance ASCAP Music Café to a rendition of his song "Big Machine," performed in the film by Safety Not Guaranteed star Mark Duplass.

Starring Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Recreation), Mark Duplass and Jake Johnson (New Girl), Safety Not Guaranteed begins with a suspicious classified ad that three skeptical Seattle magazine employees decide to investigate. Along the way, they meet Kenneth, an oddball who believes he has discovered the secret to time travel. The four take a smart, comically witty and emotional excursion that proves the true power of faith.

Find out more about Safety Not Guaranteed at http://safetynotguaranteedmovie.com