May 25, 2012

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Friday, May 25

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New Digital Music Licenses Good for Fans, Entrepreneurs
By Cary Sherman, David Israelite, Lee Knife -- Labels and publishers have long said they want to encourage the development of more legal music services, in part by creating a "one-stop shop" where entrepreneurs can license a huge collection of music at a set cost...the industry has worked with the Digital Media Alliance (DiMA) to develop five new types of statutory licenses that could simplify the process...

UK: MPs Wrestle Slippery Bureaucrats in Intellectual Property Jell-O
By Andrew Orlowski -- The all-party group of MPs looking into the UK's looming obliteration of copyright rounded on their quarry yesterday - and it turned out to be an enthralling battle of wits.

UK: PA Criticizes 'Tawdry Theft' of Copyright
By Charlotte Williams -- Publishers Association (PA) chief executive Richard Mollet said publishers, through the PA, must campaign "to ensure the sustained right of authors and writers to earn a living from their work and not be told by those who wish to take it without paying that it is their fundamental right to do so..."

Why Won't Anyone Pay Me For My Music?
By grassrootsy

Can You Recover From Free Music?
By Mark Knight -- I've lost count of the number of articles I've read that insist bands and artists should give their music away for free. Personally I believe, unless you have the benefit of on-going PR support or are reaching mass audiences through radio airplay, giving away your core product might just be a mistake you'll never recover from. Here's why...

New App Employs Custom Tech to Identify Songs Within Long Mixes, Lets Users Build Radio-Like Streams
By Michael Schmitt

Sirius XM Is The Elephant In the Room
By Jennifer Lane -- Sirius XM grew their subscriber base by 8% last year - from 20.6 million subscribers to 22.3 million. First quarter 2012 revenue meanwhile grew at an even more impressive rate of 11% to $805 million. That puts them ahead of the largest broadcaster Clear Channel Radio‘s $672 million...

A Streaming Music Service You've Never Heard Of Has 10.5 Million Active Users
By Hisham Dahud -- Dhingana, a legal Indian music streaming service, recently surpassed 10.5 million monthly active visitors, becoming the largest legal Indian music streaming service.

Asia Tops for Listening to Music Online: Study
By Celestine Chua

Google Privacy Inquiries Get Little Cooperation
By David Streitfeld and Kevin J. O'Brien -- Google might be one of the coolest and smartest companies of this or any era, but it also upsets a lot of people...Just this week, European antitrust regulators gave the company an ultimatum to change its search business or face legal consequences. American regulators may not be far behind.

Both GEMA and YouTube Appeal GEMA v YouTube Ruling
By CMU -- Following the German court ruling last month in the long running dispute between YouTube and Germany's publishing rights collecting society GEMA, both sides in the squabble have appealed, despite the latter basically claiming victory when the ruling was first made...

Exclusive: Rdio Working on Plan to Directly Compensate Artists
By Glenn Peoples -- Music subscription service Rdio is formulating a plan to directly compensate recording artists for bringing it new subscribers, according to a source within the company and two managers who have discussed the program with Rdio. The plan comes at a time when subscription services are fighting for market share and against negative publicity over royalty payments.

Solutions To One Of The Most Common iPad Frustrations
By Kevin Smith

Veteran Music Publisher Howard S. Richmond Passes Away at 94
By ASCAP -- "ASCAP mourns the passing of Howie Richmond, a true music publishing great. With more than six decades of leadership in the music industry, his publishing contributions were many and varied..."

VIDEO: Robotic Espresso Machine Turns Your Foam into Text Art
By Mike Wehner -- If you haven't accepted it by now, it's time: Robots are better than us at absolutely everything...Still, the world of espresso art has been relatively clear of any mechanical interlopers, at least until now. A company called Zipwhip had a special machine rigged up for their own personal use that can print on your coffee foam.

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Dean Kay has been at the helm of some of the most highly respected and forward thinking music publishing companies in the world, first as COO of the Welk Music Group, then as President/ CEO of the US division of the PolyGram International Publishing Group, and now as President/CEO of his own precedent setting venture, Lichelle Music Company. Prior to his involvement in publishing, he was a successful songwriter, having had hundreds of his compositions recorded - including "That's Life" by Frank Sinatra. Mr. Kay has been a member of the Board of Directors of ASCAP since 1989 and is Chairman of its New Technologies Committee. He is also on the Board of the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA).

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