April 04, 2012

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Wednesday, April 4

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The Musican's POV: Occupy Artist Rights, Part 2 - A Few Misunderstandings
By Chris Whitten -- So let's briefly look at a few other, shall we say "misunderstandings"...

The Real Issue Of Online Piracy and Illegal File-Sharing: A--holes
By Zack Hemsey -- Debates about illegal file-sharing have been going on for quite some time now, and while there are many interesting perspectives on the issue, the one thing that continues to surprise me is that very few people seem to actually understand what the central matter being debated is.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Just Got $4.8 Billion Richer?
By Salvador Rodriguez -- The Federal Trade Commission announced that a "transaction" was cleared by the U.S. government Friday involving Zuckerberg and the company he founded while at Harvard. That transaction is presumed to be Zuckerberg exercising his stock options and purchasing 120 million Facebook shares.

[SURVEY] Professional Investors Will Stay on Sidelines for Facebook's IPO
By Dave Copeland

Jack White Pioneers New Music Distribution Channel: Balloon Launched Flexi Discs [VIDEO]
By Bruce Houghton -- Three weeks before the Blunderbuss album release date, Jack White and his Third Man Records have released the track "Freedom at 21" exclusively as a flexi disc attached to helium balloons. They set 1000 records free from the label's headquarters in Nashville on April Fool's Day.

The Viral Power of Fan Communication: A Case Study On Fleet Foxes
By Alex Hoffman -- If Grammy awards were given to artists DIY'ing it each year, Pecknold would win the award for "Outstanding Performance In D2F Communication". [Robin] Pecknold's proclivity for treating fans like friends recently went viral when a fan of his enthusiastically wrote the following post on reddit...

ReverbNation Launches a New Look
By Jesse Cannon

First Quarter Music Financing Down Nearly 40 Percent...
By Paul Resnikoff -- We've heard that monstrous rounds are coming, including a gigantic thud from Spotify. But for now, the venture capital landscape is drying for music startups. Songkick recently scored a $10 million round from Sequoia, but that remained a relatively isolated event.

Crowdfunding Sites Are Springing Up Like Dandelions
By Julie Bort

The Problem With The JOBS Act and Equity Crowdfunding
By Chris Castle -- The U.S. Congress passed the JOBS (Jumpstart our Business Startups) Act, and President Obama is expected to sign it. The JOBS Act gives the SEC 270 days to draft regulations to implement crowd-funding of startups...

Easter Bargain: Loopy HD Turns iPad into Sample-Happy Music Maker
By Eliot Van Buskirk -- The Easter Bunny has a treat for you: Loopy HD, a sweet loop-based sequencer with a fresh design that lets you layer loops to make songs for sharing or performing live. (VIDEO).

Bliss Control: Centralized Management of All Your Social Network Settings
By Jared Moya -- Bliss Control simplifies dashboard control of multiple social networking sites by aggregating settings into a single, easy-to-use, Web interface.

Your Best Bet for A Number 1 Song
By Ralph Murphy

Robotspeak: An Electronic Musician's Toy Store
By Donald Bell -- There are many delightful things you buy on San Francisco's historic Haight Street, but to the best of my knowledge, robots are not one of them. In spite of the occasional befuddlement of robot shoppers, Robotspeak is a fitting name for a shop that specializes in the type of unique audio gear and music recording software perfect for composing symphonies of synthetic bleeps and squelches.

VIDEO: Early Band + Brand Hookup Rediscovered: The Rolling Stones Shill For Rice Krispies
By Bruce Houghton

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Dean Kay has been at the helm of some of the most highly respected and forward thinking music publishing companies in the world, first as COO of the Welk Music Group, then as President/ CEO of the US division of the PolyGram International Publishing Group, and now as President/CEO of his own precedent setting venture, Lichelle Music Company. Prior to his involvement in publishing, he was a successful songwriter, having had hundreds of his compositions recorded - including "That's Life" by Frank Sinatra. Mr. Kay has been a member of the Board of Directors of ASCAP since 1989 and is Chairman of its New Technologies Committee. He is also on the Board of the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA).

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