January 30, 2012

The ASCAP Daily Brief for Monday, January 30

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When CONSUMERS and CREATORS are happy
everyone in the middle will have gotten digital distribution right

What The Pundits Are Missing In The Megaupload Case
By Jeff Roberts -- The US charges against Kim Dotcom, who was nabbed in a panic room clutching a sawed-off shotgun, are based on an indictment unsealed last week that accuses him and six others of criminal copyright and three other charges. Contrary to many reports, those other charges are not about money-laundering and racketeering but instead about conspiracy to commit those crimes.

[The greatest threat to our democracy: Identifying sheep. Misinforming them. Orchestrating their stampede on Washington to intimidate lawmakers. Lawmakers being intimidated.]
Social Media's Role in Politics
By Vivek Wadhwa -- ...no flash mob has ever stopped a bill in its tracks or beaten down in less than 48-hours legislation pushed by some of the most well-funded, well-connected lobbies on K Street. But that's exactly what happened on Jan. 20 when a loosely organized campaign to stop PIPA and SOPA swept the Internet and shook the power structure of Washington D.C...

SOPA and PIPA Spur Lobbying Spike
By Viveca Novak -- Companies that lobbied on the two bills spent at least $104.6 million in the fourth quarter of 2011, more than double the $49.3 million they laid out in the previous quarter. In the last part of the year, lobbying was fast and furious on both sides. The computer and Internet industry fielded 246 lobbyists and the TV, music and movie industry, fielded 241 lobbyists.

In Many Cases, More Than 80% of an Artist's Search Results are Still Infringing...
By Paul Resnikoff -- Why raid MegaUpload, block the Pirate Bay, and endlessly pressure Grooveshark? Isn't Google - which is oftentimes getting licensed by the majors - the biggest problem of them all?

The MTP Interview: Indie Film Maker David Newhoff
Interview by Chris Castle -- Film Maker David Newhoff sat down with MTP's Chris Castle to talk about his experiences as a film maker and the threats to creators from rogue sites (like Megavideo) and those who support them.

Pandora's Share of Radio Listening May Be Even Higher than What They Claim
By Michael Schmitt

46 Billion Reasons Why the iCloud Can Still Beat Spotify...
By Paul Resnikoff -- You can debate the merits of Spotify versus iTunes Match all day; you can even dismiss the discussion as apples-to-oranges. But in order to win this game, you need money -- a ton of it. And for all the advantages that Spotify (and its competitors) bring to the table, the financial picture on streaming still doesn't quite make sense.

Amazon Looking to "Rapidly Grow" Digital Music Team
By Curt Woodward -- Now that it's got a very Apple-like system in place-tablet computer paired with digital media-Amazon.com appears to be cranking up the volume on its online music service as well.

Symantec Recommends Disabling PcAnywhere and Waiting for Security Patches
By Lucian Constantin -- Security vendor Symantec has advised users of its pcAnywhere remote control software to disable it, because hackers with access to the product's source code could exploit security holes identified in the application.

Audioengine's Terrific, Tiny USB DAC/Headphone Amp
By Steve Guttenberg -- Audioengine is one of my favorite brands...I was smitten with the new Audioengine D1 USB DAC/headphone amp as soon as I plugged it in. Just hook up a USB cable to a computer, plug in your headphones and you're good to go.

Insanely Complicated Royalty Negotiations? There's Now an App for That...
By Paul Resnikoff -- No, I haven't negotiated an artist contract using this app. But after going through all the splits, detailed explanations and breakdowns, I almost feel like I could get away with it. The just-released super-calculator from Moses Avalon is sort of like a living, breathing artist contract with a guidebook in tow.

Getting Better Indie Music Reviews
By Loren Weisman -- When you ask the question, how do I get my music heard? You should also ask, where should I get my music heard?

[Most of the videos have been DMCAed - but still an interesting read.]
10 Best Uses Of Classical Music In Classic Cartoons

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