September 09, 2011

Jeff Toyne Gets His Hands Dirty

By Etan Rosenbloom, Membership/Marketing Associate and Blog Coordinator

Jeff Toyne

Jeff Toyne

On one of West L.A.'s many nondescript commercial blocks sits an equally nondescript building, just across the street from an imposing concrete wall covered in graffiti. You'd never guess it housed Jeff Toyne's recording studio. The Canada-born SOCAN composer, whose works are licensed by ASCAP in the U.S., is a great example of the new generation of professional Film/TV composers. Classically trained, technologically inclined and comfortable in a range of international music idioms, he has steadily carved a name for himself in the decade since he actively began composing in the early 2000's. His resume is full of work in every conceivable medium - TV, student features, short films, theatre pieces, internet and video game music, and orchestrations for name composers like Elliot Goldenthal, Klaus Badelt, Atli Orvarsson and Alex Heffes.

All that work in the trenches is paying off. Toyne recently completed the score for Dirty Girl, a quirky 80's-drenched feature starring Juno Temple, Mary Steenburgen and Milla Jovovich that got picked up by the Weinstein Company after its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. Toyne's score unfolds amidst a slew of 80's pop hits, plus a new song by songwriter Melissa Manchester which includes an original string arrangement by Toyne.

We visited Toyne at his studio to talk about Dirty Girl and a whole lot of other stuff. Here's how it went down:

Here's an exclusive peek at Toyne's working environment and foreign stringed instrument collection:

Dirty Girl is out nationwide on October 7th. Watch the trailer here:

Find out more about Jeff Toyne here: