January 19, 2011

Rising star in 2011, Lundon Knighten, shows "On the Come Up" why she'll take your breath away.



Name of first major placement.

Lundon: "Can't Breathe," by Leona Lewis.

What was the "Can't Breathe" moment in your career?

L: When I was in the studio with Tricky Bizness, he asked me, "Did you get your plaque, yet?" Before that moment, I had no idea that my work [on "Can't Breathe"] had earned any accolades. He said, "How can someone not know they platinum? Imma have to call AT (my manager)!"

How do you prefer to write a song?

L: I'm not too sophisticated with my writing habits. My brain doesn't work so fast that I can memorize the song while I write it, so I usually just use a pen and pad or my laptop. Then I record a reference on my phone.

What distinguishes you from other writers?

L: I don't know. I just do me, not what's "working."

What are your upcoming projects?

L: I have a lot of upcoming projects in 2011! I had the pleasure of working with DJ Khaled for his forthcoming album. The song we did is a definite game changer. Besides that, I'm working with alot of extremely talented new artists and some legends in the music industry.

Who would you like to work with, in the future?

L: The list of people I'd like to work with is so long that it's more like a book, so I'll spare you. I'd be better off just saying everybody.