December 06, 2010

Songwriters Maiysha and Scott Jacoby Write and Record a Holiday Song with Students from East Fordham Academy for the Arts in Bronx, NY

"The Next Generation" -- a song written and performed by Maiysha, Scott Jacoby and students from East Fordham Academy for the Arts, Bronx, New York. The song was recorded at Stadiumred who generously donated studio time.

Grammy-nominated artist/songwriter Maiysha and Grammy Award-winning songwriter/producer Scott Jacoby recently spent time writing and recording a song with a group of 6th and 7th grade students from East Fordham Academy for the Arts in Bronx, NY. The writing and recording sessions are part of a songwriting mentorship program called ASCAP Songwriter Residency, which gives ASCAP songwriters and composers a platform to give back to their local communities by engaging and inspiring inner city school kids through songwriting and recording. The ASCAP Foundation, a public charity dedicated to supporting music education and talent development programs, funds the program.

Maiysha and Jacoby spent three two-hour sessions collaborating with the students: brainstorming and co-writing a song during two classroom sessions on December 6 and 7, 2010, and recording the song in a professional studio during the third session on December 10, 2010. The collaboration resulted in a Holiday song called "The Next Generation."

The ASCAP Songwriter Residency program launched in 2006 with founding partner America SCORES, and expanded this year to include a Songwriter Residency at Hold Hands Chicago (, a community driven campaign to build careers and end student violence. The program was brought to East Fordham Academy for the Arts through the PENCIL Partnership Program (, a program that has helped thousands of business and school leaders develop unique, school-based collaborations that have a lasting impact on the students, school community, and school culture.