December 09, 2010

Pop Quiz - Appomattox


NAME: Appomattox

ORIGIN: Brooklyn, NY


QUIZ VICTIM: Nick Gaynier, David Nurmi and James Mello


We saw you guys at CMJ play a headphone party. Explain what that is exactly and how it came about.

Nick [vocals, guitar]: Ah, the Headphone Show at the Bunker. A very 'meta' idea. Basically we played a really intimate, invite-only set at the recording studio where we made our new EP earlier this year. Both audience and Appomattox wore headphones during the show, so what you got was both the fiery-ness of a live performance and the nuanced sound of sitting in the control room listening in on a recording session.

The idea came up when I inquired about doing an EP release show at the Bunker and our producer Aaron Nevezie pointed out that there's no P.A. there. I guess I was just thinking on my feet- "No P.A.? Why NOT have the audience wear headphones??"

The whole thing was mixed live, recorded & captured on film so thankfully it lives forever because it turned out great. [ vids up now on ]

How does a Brooklyn band set themselves apart from all the myriad other bands in the most band-filled borough of New York?

Nick: I think you have to try and write better songs and not follow trends too much. One thing that makes us different is we sing about things that we think matter to people right now, [political content]. I just don't think many Brooklyn bands really address that stuff, and the ones that do tend to be "all message, no hooks."

What's behind the name? And why sometimes vowels and sometimes no vowels?

Dave [bass guitar]: We like to keep our fans on their toes.

James [drums]: We like the way "Appomattox" sounds. We like the way "Appmttx" looks.

Describe your sound in 6 words:

Nick, James & Dave [simultaneously]: Sweaty distorted political pop hooks echo.

You just released an EP, what's next?!

Dave: We're going to take some time away from Appmttx to focus on "The Wet Look," our Hall & Oates cover band.

Nick: But only for a week. Then we gotta write the next EP.

James: Yep. More new songs. More shows. No more crying.