August 01, 2010

2010 Summer Playback Stepping Out

August, 2010


Bob Levy’s “Paris Without You” from his record Out In The Cold, in the Touchstone major motion picture You Again.

Oscar Owens’ co-written theme song to the new hit FX series Justified. The song was cheered by the TV guide as “the perfect theme song” and was recorded under the artist name Rench and performed by the group Gangstagrass.

The Process’ song “Jah Made The Herb” in the new movie Island of Fantasy, a comedic fairytale.

Eric Wilson’s entire album The Twenties was licensed for TV.


Stephanie Simon along with Jeffrey Phillip Block will be presented with the LA Music Awards' Public Service Music Video of the Year honor at a red carpet presentation on Thursday, November 18th. Simon, whose song "Deep in My Mind" is featured in the video, has also had her music featured on the WB's critically-acclaimed TV show Smallville and has released a new album, Butterfly. For more info on Simon, visit

Steve Free with The Kentucky State Senate award for his Appalachian music. He won a similar award by The Ohio Governor’s Arts Award in 2008-9. His new album Sometimes A Song was released in July.

Grace Kelly with Best Jazz Act in Boston for the third year in a row. The 18-year-old saxophonist, vocalist, and composer is now on tour and heading for the Toronto and Montreal Jazz Festivals.

Chris Rhyne with the Excellence in Audio Award at the 2010 Independent Games Festival for his score and sound effects for the TV show Closure.

Allen Simpson with the Best Local Stage Production: Small Theatre Saturn Award for Fellowship! The Musical Parody of The Fellowship of the Ring.


Steve Fagan at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Cooperative presenting a concert version of his new musical The Virgin Islands Songs. It was his first time performing in New York in 28 years.

Dan Kirouac’s “Goin’ There” from his 2002 CD …Thanks in Haverhill, MA as a solo, acoustic performance. “Instrumental #2 in C minor” premiered before a live audience on June 15 th in Amesbury, MA. His composition “When She’s Gone”, with music by Sean Fullerton, is also being performed live regularly on Fullerton’s 2010 Northeast Tour.

Mic Larry’s work for Coast 97.3 radio station at the Cameron Arts Museum on June 18.

Amy Beth Parravano’s ragtime style piano tunes and original song “Silly Soap Box” on her TV show Amy Beth Presents on COX18 RIPBS on Thursdays at 8pm throughout May. She also performs at Carousel Village at Roger Williams Park in Rhode Island on Saturdays.

William Price’s “2 Days in the Tank” performed by the music department at the University of Alabama in Birmingham on June 10 th.

Paul Zunno’s “Solo Acoustic Concert” at New York City Center Studios on Saturday nights since fall 2009.

Zupe & Nichols in Hancock, MD showcasing music from their award-winning album Speechless.


Eric Richard Chapelle’s new album Across The Water on his label Hamsa Music. He wrote all sixteen tracks and he is accompanied by musicians John Inmon, Julia Cory, and Dawn Beiga.

Dead Heart Bloom’s Strange Waves, inspired by songwriter Boris Skalsky’s participation in a sleep study. This is the band’s third full-length album and it will be released on August 31 st.

Jon Garcia’s indie folk rock record The Lake, which is his second album, following his self-titled release.

Mary Lemanski’s first full-length album Eclectic, available through her website, iTunes, and more.

Lord Vishnu Publishing’s double CD of Musical Artists in Memory of Senator TedKennedy, supporting Artists for America. 100% of the proceeds from the album will go directly to help those in need through First Lady Michelle Obama’s charities.

The Malibooz’s latest album Queen’s English. Fronted by John Zambetti and Walter Egan, The Malibooz return with their mid-60s surf sound in these 14 new tracks.

Milos Raickovich’s Far Away on Albany Records. The album features the orchestral, chamber, and solo works written in Raickovich’s original style “New Classicism.”

Brian J. Nelson’s Vocalise album of instrumental and vocal music. It was featured as CD of the Week on Kansas Public Radio.

Prester John’s Desire for a Straight Line on Innova Recordings.

Joshua Rifkin’s Guest House in conjunction with a live performance at LA’s The Hotel Café.

Royce Campbell Trio’s All Standards…and A Blues on Philology Records.

Torrey’s album I Need To Stop Drinkin…is a mix of rap and instrumentals ranging from Smooth Jazz to Funk.

David Van Tieghem’s fourth studio album Thrown For A Loop.