July 22, 2010

K.E. on the Track explains to “On the Come Up” why he’s the producer that you’ll hear loud and clear

K.E. on the Track

What was your inspiration for “All The Way Turnt Up” by Roscoe Dash?

K.E. on the Track: I'm all about being unique and different. When I heard Roscoe’s music, that’s exactly what it was, so I went all out and created a sound that matched his voice. He has a crunk/rock type of style that inspired me to create the production.

What are you working on, currently?

K.E.: I'm working on alot of album and single projects. I'm finishing up Roscoe Dash's album and working with artists, such as Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Twist, Lil’ Chuckee, Slim of 112, and Plies.

Where are you from, originally?

K.E.: Tampa , Florida.

Who is your musical mentor and why?

K.E.: My musical mentors are Timbaland, Polow Da Don, Bangladash, and Danja Handz. I study how they format their tracks. They don't just have one set style; these four producers are the most versatile. They’re international, so they can do any type of track. And I feel the same way.

What was your first introduction into the music industry?

K.E.: My introduction into the music industry was when the record, “Swag Surfin’” by F.L.Y. dropped. The record opened up doors for me to meet alot of important people in the industry and work with alot of artists.