July 22, 2010

The Good Listeners and Entourage Star Adrian Grenier Collaborate on Documentary

ASCAP's Pop/Rock staff

Clark Stiles (left) and Nathan Khyber (right) of the Good Listeners join co-producer/musician Adrian Grenier (2nd from left) and ASCAP's Jeff Jernigan at the American Cinematheque screening of their documentary Don't Quit Your Daydream.

The Good Listeners' Nathan Khyber and Clark Stiles are no strangers to unconventional recording conditions. The Los Angeles duo's 2005 debut, Ojai, was recorded in a marathon 10-day stretch, one song per day, in a makeshift home recording studio; their 2007 album, Crane Point Lodge, took shape in a creaky country lodge in the Adirondacks, straight out of The Shining. If both of these situations involved self-imposed isolation, The Good Listeners have made good on their name for their fascinating new project, Don't Quit Your Daydream. Khyber and Stiles took a month-long road trip across the United States, finding a new co-writer in each new town and filming the entire odyssey. They spend time with hippies and drunkards, riverboat captains and precocious kids. The band even takes a detour to the Kentucky Derby with co-producer Adrian Grenier, star of Entourage.

The result of The Good Listeners' adventures is more than just twelve new tunes and a document of the Good Listeners' journey. Don't Quit Your Daydream explores why music-makers feel compelled to create.

Visit www.dontquityourdaydream.com for more info about the film, including show times.