March 01, 2009

The ASCAP Daily Brief Provides Valuable News and Information

Dean Kay

Dean Kay

The ASCAP Daily Brief (Powered by the Dean's List), a daily email, is a new benefit offered by ASCAP for anyone who is concerned with what is happening in music, copyright and new technology, and wants to stay informed with up-to the-minute news about the issues.

ASCAP Board member, music publisher and songwriter Dean Kay ("That's Life") began compiling "The Dean's List" a few years ago when he saw a need to keep up on the rapidly changing technological developments in the music and media industries and how they were affecting music creators. His "Dean's List," an aggregate of links to articles, blogs and other sources of information on the Internet, was an immediate hit with many fellow songwriters, publishers and business associates.

Late last year Kay offered to provide ASCAP with his daily list so that his valuable efforts could be utilized by ASCAP's membership. So began The ASCAP Daily Brief Powered by the Dean's List, which now goes out to more than 115,000 readers.

Those who receive the email are able to educate themselves quickly on what is being written about on a wide range of issues, from illegal file sharing, copyright protection and digital distribution to Internet marketing, social media and new technology as well as news and info about many media companies, both large and small, such as Google, Apple, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, Pandora and others.

Readers of the list have been giving it rave reviews. "As a busy info hound it's a joy to have such a qualified and reliable source scooping out important news and information," says Peter Spellman, Director of Berklee College of Music's Career Development Center.

Film/TV composer Stephen Cullo says "It's tough to be up-todate and honest about how tough things are, but I'm happy to say that you are finding the late breaking important stuff. I'm reading more and more of the articles as times goes by. Your reach is far and you are quickly becoming one of my important go-to news sources. Excellent work."

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