October 22, 2009

Norman Cambridge Builds Brand With Camboso

Norman Cambridge

Renowned urban production music writer Norman Cambridge has just added another impressive credit to his CV. Cambridge recently released a hit mock-up 80's dance music anthem with soul star and disco legend Jocelyn Brown. The pair hit the Top 5 in the club charts with their rendition of 80's disco tribute track "Love Alibi" in the UK. The dance smash has been released under the urban production music library name Camboso, which Norman directs and also composes under. Camboso is the firstever production music library to release commercial music under the actual name of the library itself "as artist." This market relations move has also been a statement of Camboso's success in creating production music for U.S. television which features the same quality of music to that of commercial releases. An example of Camboso's outstanding work was featured on HBO's hit series True Blood, which contained the Camboso music track "Wat It Do." Camboso, with Cambridge helming its groundbreaking business model, has been acclaimed by TV directors and music supervisors internationally as being one of the best urban production music libraries in the world.