October 21, 2009

ASCAP Pushes Buttons at GameSoundCon in Los Angeles

GameSoundCon in Los Angele

Pictured (l to r) are Jim Charne (Charne Law), Rich Goldman (RipTide Music), Victor Rodriguez (THQ), Jason Hayes (Cambridge Studios/composer of World of Warcraft) and Shawn LeMone (ASCAP)

ASCAP sponsored the GameSoundCon in Los Angeles, dedicated to the art, technology and business of video game audio. Held on September 24th and 25th at the Hyatt Regency Century City, the conference featured two days of panels, sessions and masterclasses from experts of the gaming industry. ASCAP's Shawn LeMone spoke on the Business of Game Audio panel. He had this to say about ASCAP's involvement with GameSoundCon: "ASCAP is proud to be a sponsor of this exciting new conference. Music is an integral part of the gaming experience and video games provide a growing array of creative and professional opportunities for our members. We are pleased to support those ASCAP composers participating in the conference, including Marty O'Donnell and the conferences founder Brian Schmidt."