April 01, 2008

Stepping Out: Released

JOSEPH AMBROSIO'S Alexander's Ragtime Band and Carols for Choirs published by Carl Fischer in April of 2008. Both were with piano accompaniment.

AMERICAN ZEN'S second album, Christ Killer, which features 15 songs and 7 recited poems written by The Hippy Coyote.

JOE ANDERSON'S Contemporary Christian CD JAMM Worship

DAVID M. BAILEY'S Notes. This all acoustic instrumental album is his 17 th and is filled with inspirational lyrics and music

ALLISON BALSON and her partner, Stone, have released their collaboratively produced, engineered, written, and performed album First through the Organic Time Record label.

MICHAEL G. CUNNINGHAM'S six orchestral compositions by MMC Recordings. The works include a Violin Concerto and ballet music "Venus and Adonis," performed by the Slovak radio Orchestra.

DANIEL DORFF'S The Tortoise and the Hare and Other Tales on Bridge Records. The music for children's concerts is narrated by Ann Crumb.

RICK FOUNDS' Tranquil Tunes. The CD is designed to reduce anxiety.

BRIAN GARI'S 20 th anniversary edition of Late Night Comic to Benefit the Actors Fund, featuring Larry Hochman's original Broadway orchestrations.

DENISE GENTILINI'S song "You Were The One." She was also honored with a regional Emmy Award for her film score in The Handjian Story: A Road Less Traveled.

JAMES L. GLOVER'S debut album Survive or Suffer- "The J. Glover Story" vol. 1 featuring creative lyrics and amazing production, in May 2008.

RICKY IAN GORDON'S Grapes of Wrath CD featuring his opera on August 26 th, 2008.

JOHN W. HARDEN'S new Gospel/Jazz album On A Mission under the Harden Bros. Music label.

STUART HINDS' 3 new works for chorus with overtone singing published by Freidrich Hofmeister Musikverlag.

I AM ECHO, the solo project of Pat Leishman, has released its debut album.

JOE IADANZA'S Traveling Salesman, that spans the genres of folk, rock, roots, and Americana.

SONYA KAHN'S New Beginning. It is available on iTunes, Digistation.com, and CDBaby.com.

DAN KIROUAC'S But I Still Pray as a single. It features Jim Provencher on bass guitar.

BARRY ANDREWS MADISON'S Black Magic on CDBaby.com.

LIVIU MARINESCU'S album with seven chamber works by Capstone Records. Marinescu is currently directing the music composition and theory programs as California State University Northridge.

ERIC MOE'S two recent releases on Albany Records.

LIOR NAVOK'S The Old Photo Box, a 60-minute solo piano cycle.

PAUL F. PAGE'S A Stately Affair. It is distributed by CDBaby.com.

VAN DYKE PARK'S Foreword to The Oxford American Book of Great Music Writing.

AMYBETH PARRAVANO'S song "Coming Home To Me" on the Working in Harmony for Home & Hearth project for South County Rhode Island Habitat for Humanity.

MARTIN PERNA'S The Alchemist on ESL Music. The collaboration between Ocote Soul sounds and Adrian Quesada bridges the gap between Latin American roots music and future funk sounds.

RICHIE ROSATI'S new dance single "Get Down With My Love." It has already been added to 30 US, UK FM and terrestrial stations.

SKY VEGA'S single "Special" from her upcoming album, The Dawn of a New Era.

NYASHA SHANI'S Dreams in the Flash of Light from Rare.

BOBBY STEWERT'S "The Common Thread" on August 29, 2008, the first ever solo release by Keith Reid, lyricist for Procol Harum

LEO STONE'S debut CD with elements of rock, pop, and punk.

TUBB CITIES' singles "It's Hot," "Gotcha Mind Gone" and "40-cal" on the Twinz Beatz label.

DEBRA MAYER VAN TONGEREN'S Signs of Life . The music was inspired by the Pixar/Disney film Wall E.

YUNG CUTTA'S Cash Rules Everything Around Me, which is a live recording from Austin, Texas.

4e MUSIC'S "Together We Can Change The World," which was written by Mark Shepard. The music video was viewed more than 10,000 times in the first week on its own website.