June 21, 2008

Stepping Out: Performed

ANNIE DINERMAN'S set of Acoustic Americana story songsin the Hurdy Gurdy Folk Concert Series in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

ELANA EVERITT with Stark's Lani Ford on Saturday, June 21 at MakeMusic NY in LaGuardia, NY.

SHANNON "STORM" HOWARD in Columbus, Ohio for the months of June and July.

TANIA LEON'S Horizons at the opening concert of the 2008 Beijing Congress of the International Alliance for Women in Music in April 2008. The five-day Congress featured established women composers as well as students, musicologists, educators, performers and conductors.

BOB LEVY on July 10 th and August 14 th at 'An Evening with NY Cabaret Artists' in New York City.

POWERS MCELHONE'S "I Must Be Dreaming" at the York Theatre's NEO4 on May 19th.

JEFFREY NYTCH'S "Pittsburgh Portraits" by the Renaissance City Women's Choir at the 8 th Quadrennial GALA Choruses Festival July 19 th in Miami, Florida. The Children's Festival Chorus of Pittsburgh premiered Nytch's "Pittsburgh Portraits" on May 4th.

DR. GODWIN SADOH at the faculty Organ Recital in Talladega, Alabama on April 1, 2008.

WILLIAM SUSMAN'S "Native New Yorker" by Demetrius Spaneas at the Latvian Music Academy on June 12 and at the ArtConcept Festival in Russia on June 28. Quintet Tabor performed Susman's wind quintet "Six Minutes Thirty Seconds" at The Aaron Copeland School of Music. Recently his "Marimba Montuno" was performed in Idyllwild, CA.