July 29, 2008

ASCAP and Variety partner for daily coverage of the 20th Anniversary of the Television and Film Scoring Workshop

Click the image above for pictures from this year's Film Scoring Workshop recording session on 7/25/08 - photography by April Rocha

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Variety reports from inside the 2008 ASCAP Television and Film Scoring Workshop with Richard Bellis, giving us session-by-session coverage of all the action

ASCAP Delivers Keys to the Kingdom
Welcome to Hollywood, Kid
Could This Be Your Life?
The envelopes, please?
Meet the maestro
There's no such thing as a left-handed conductor and other hints for the podium
Lawyers, agents and money
A Hollywood history lesson at Fox Studios
SMPTE What? A handy collection of music composition terminology
What made you want to be a composer?
Where the music meets the math
In which future composers meet their future bosses
On facing the scoring stage: 'Just shoot me now.'
Why fame and fortune may be sweeter on smaller screens
Director Tom Shadyac on the composer's role: 'soul-catchers'
Zimmer and Howard discuss remote collaboration
As participants return keys to kingdom, what's next?

2008 Participants and
the film clips they scored were:
• Austin Wintory
• Marc Baril
• Eric Hachikian

• Anna Rice
• Luke Richards
• Gerrit Wunder

• Jeff Kryka
• Adam Langston
• Patrick Murray

• Jaebon Hwang
• Sascha Peres
• Tilman Ritter
Where Are They Now?
The ASCAP Television and Film Scoring Workshop has long incubated the superstar TV and film composers of tomorrow. Here are some Workshop alumni that have gone on to great things.
• Stephen Endelman (FSW 1991)
• John Nordstrom (FSW 1992)
• Jim Dooley (FSW 1999)
• Emmanuel Fratianni (1999)
• Trevor Morris (FSW 2000)
• Atli Örvarsson (FSW 2000)
• Laurie Robinson (2000)
• Eric Whitacre (FSW 2000)
• Gilad Ben-Amram (FSW 2001)
• Robert Duncan (FSW 2001)
• Gerard Marino (FSW 2004)
• Mateo Messina (FSW 2005)

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Press Release

2008 marks the 20th anniversary of the ASCAP Television and Film Scoring Workshop, a prestigious program that cultivates the next generation of emerging TV and Film composers. This year, a truly international group of twelve young composers was selected to participate, coming from as far as Austria, Germany, the UK and Korea. As part of the Workshop, these talented scorers receive advice, hands-on experience and insiders' access to state-of-the art facilities and an A-list roster of Hollywood professionals. They also benefit from the mentorship of Emmy Award-winning composer and ASCAP Board member Richard Bellis, who has coached the Workshop for the past ten years.

Initiated by ASCAP in 1988, and led for many years by Academy and Emmy Award-winning film and television music composer Fred Karlin (co-author of On the Track: A Guide to Contemporary Film Scoring), the intensive month-long program is widely known as a major educational and networking opportunity for aspiring composers. At its 20th year, the Television and Film Scoring Workshop with Richard Bellis remains one of the most successful and prestigious programs offered by ASCAP.

The highlight of this Workshop is the one-of-a-kind opportunity for the participants to record their own music with virtually the same resources afforded Oscar-winning composers. Early in the program, the participants are randomly assigned a three-minute scene from a well-known feature film. They have nine days to compose an original score to fit the scene. They are then taken to the famous Alfred Newman Scoring Stage on the Fox lot where their scores are recorded by musicians from the elite RMA-LA, most of whom performed on the original soundtracks for the selected film clips. During the scoring session they have the luxury of working with a team of professionals, including a music editor and Protools operator, recording engineer and booth recordist, music librarian and prep service, and a musicians contractor. On the last day, ASCAP screens all of the clips, complete with effects and dialogue, in a theater room at the Directors Guild of America. In the end, each composer walks away with an impressive top-of-the-line demo and a tremendous head start on a successful career in scoring to picture.

To document the Workshop's historic 20th birthday, ASCAP and Variety have teamed up to provide in-depth coverage of the entire month-long program. Variety is going deep in the trenches, offering daily reports from every Workshop session, along with interviews, footage, photo coverage, success stories from Workshop alumni, and much more.

Read Variety's up-to-the-minute coverage of the 20th Annual ASCAP Television and Film Scoring Workshop with Richard Bellis.

Scholarship Award Winners

The 2008 ASCAP Television and Film Scoring Workshop with Richard Bellis will culminate with the presentation of three ASCAP Foundation awards: the David Rose Scholarship, the Steve Kaplan TV and Film Studies Scholarship and the Harold Arlen Film & TV Award. In addition, the RMA L.A. will award a grant to one participant. Each award will be given to selected Workshop participants based on their excellence and professionalism, musical ability and career potential.

More information about:

David Rose Scholarship

Steve Kaplan TV and Film Studies Scholarship

Harold Arlen Film & TV Award

RMA L.A. Grant

Each Workshop participant is evaluated by the RMA L.A. orchestra on the evening of the recording session. The RMA awards a $1000 grant towards a recording demo for the participant with the highest average score on the following criteria: podium procedure, composition, and general musicality.

About The ASCAP Foundation

Founded in 1975, The ASCAP Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting American music creators and encouraging their development through music education and talent development programs. Included in these are songwriting workshops, grants, scholarships, awards, recognition and community outreach programs, and public service projects for senior composers and lyricists. The ASCAP Foundation is supported by contributions from ASCAP members and from music lovers throughout the United States. www.ascapfoundation.org.

About The Recording Musicians Association

Recording Musicians Association (RMA) representatives are directly involved in every aspect of the American Federation of Musicians that affects studio musicians. Their goal is to represent the best interests of the finest studio musicians in the world while creating and maintaining the highest standards they rightly deserve. www.rmaweb.org.

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