September 01, 2008

ASCAP in Hawaii


(l-r) are Ben London; Erica Krusen, MusiCares West Coast Director of Health and Human Services; Dave Allen; Tim Quirk; Steve Mack; ASCAP's Tom DeSavia; and Georja Skinner and Tracie M. Young of the State of Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism.

Recently ASCAP was asked by NARAS to participate in a panel in Waikiki as part of their MusicTech Hawaii event. The panel, which focused on surviving as a songwriter and composer in the digital age, featured panelists who, in present and past lives, were in bands that represent the best of 80s and 90s alt-rock. Each of these individuals now holds an influential role in the technology world - and all are ASCAP direct members, or PRS members who license their works in the US through ASCAP. The panelists were NARAS' Executive Director of the Recording Chapter/Pacific Northwest Ben London (formerly of Seattle rockers Alcohol Funnycar),Nemo Design's Dave Allen (of the legendary Gang of Four), Rhapsody's VP ofMusic Programming Tim Quirk (former lead singer of San Francisco's Too Much Joy), PNW NARAS Chapter President and Lux Media owner Steve Mack (of That Petrol Emotion), and ASCAP's Sr. VP of Pop/Rock Membership Tom DeSavia.