September 01, 2008

The Ghostwriters Productions Alex "Lex" Francis and Dinavon "X1" Bythwood


Alex "Lex" Francis and Dinavon "X1" Bythwood

What projects are you guys planning to work on next?

Were actually working on Keyshia Cole's, Mario's, J. Holiday's and Trey Songz's new albums, just to name a few.

Where are you both originally from and where do you live now?

Lex- I was actually born in Nassau, Bahamas, was raised in FL, and now reside in Miami, FL.

X1- I was born in Philadelphia, PA, was raised in Belle Glade, FL (Palm Beach County) and now also reside in Miami, FL.

What was your first project as musicians/writers/producers that you worked on and how important was it for you?

The first major project/artist was an artist signed to Sony named JEAN. The whole experience of working with him was great, and he is truly a talented singer/songwriter. Prior to that we worked with local artists, but he was the first major label artist we got to work with, and even though the other artists weren't signed to a major label at the time, we felt that each and every one of those songs were important. For us just the thought of being creative and expressive through the medium of music is a driving force. Being able to express ourselves and to express the way that we feel through creativity is without a doubt the fuel that drives our production. So truly no matter what level an artist may be on at the time we work with them, we respect each and every one of them. So to us everyone project is important.

Who do you guys look to as a mentor in your careers, and what have they helped you to learn?

From a music stand point it would be Timbaland. He definitely helped by showing how important the business side is. It's just as important as the creative side.