September 01, 2008

Brian Kennedy


Brian Kennedy

What is your most recent project you've done that people may be familiar with?

Being a musician first, I have created a new sound that makes people gravitate to the energy and experience of it. I am also very aware of how melody and decisions about chord progressions affect people within a record. I am on the verge of constantly looking to create new genres. I was fortunate to work with artists who were not scared to move into a new direction, that's what records like Rihanna's "Disturbia" and Chris Brown's "Forever" so magical The fact the we are all in the same age range made the experience that much greater-we all believed in the concepts and were not afraid to take a chance. I also want give props to my writing partners on these records—Andre Merritt, Rob Allen and Chris Brown.

What are you planning to work on next, and where are you planning to work on it?

I have two records on Jesse McCartney's new album, one on Menudo, one on Noel. I am now finishing the Brandy album, did a couple songs for Jennifer Hudson, and am doing records for Mario, David Archuletta, Natasha Bedingfield and many others. And I am extremely excited to head to Nashville this next week to work with all of the top writers in that world. I feel incredibly blessed that my talent as a musician has enabled me to work within any genre that is presented to me. I want to do it all!

Where are you from originally and where do you live now?

I am from Kansas City, Missouri and am currently living in Los Angeles, California.

What was your first project as a musician that you really felt was important?

My fourth independent album of piano based music Score of Life was the project that first got me noticed nationally. I have been playing piano since I was 4 years old, and at 23 I still feel like I can learn more every day. Being in this industry makes me feel like I am in a big musical university!

Who do you look to as a mentor in your career, and what have they helped you to learn?

Timbaland is my biggest creative influence for production and learning to take chances. As a musician and songwriter, Brian McNight influenced me through all of my early years. First and foremost, my father and mother have been my coaches through everything, and my present team of management, legal and financial players help guide me through every decision - Tom Maffei, Jonathon Leonard, and Fred Moultrie thank you. And last, but not least, I always keep God first - I am blessed beyond belief!