June 01, 2006



Originality, innovation and some socially conscious lyrics have always been the formula that has placed Eddie Dee in a class all by himself. From working with Daddy Yankee to pioneer Vico C, Eddie Dee is now in a category of pure respect and admiration in the reggaetón genre. One of the pioneers of the underground scene in Puerto Rico, Eddie Dee made himself a household name in 1997 with the song "Señor Official," about the injustices that young Puerto Rican men suffered at the hands of the police. The song took him to a whole other level as it made its way up the charts and claimed the Number One spot in Puerto Rico across all genres. The need to be an innovator always reigns supreme in the mind of Eddie Dee, which led him to make history in the reggaetón genre by uniting the most recognizable names in the genre for his album, Los 12 Discipulos, from which the hit song, "Quítate Tú Pa Ponerme Yo," made its way to the airwaves and showcased such names as Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderón, Tito El Bambino and Vico C. They all came together as one on a reggaetón track and showed that unity is needed for this genre to evolve and survive. In 2006, Eddie Dee has embarked on his new project, El Diario De Eddie Dee, which is one of the most anticipated records of the year. Eddie Dee continues to hold the title: your rapper's favorite rapper.