June 01, 2006

Jonathan Little

By Jin Moon

A British composer makes a big wave in the concert music world


Jonathan Little

British composer Jonathan Little is making quite an impact in the concert music world – currently having achieved the feat of having five compositions accepted for recording within ERMMedia's 12-volume Masterworks of the New Era CD series. ERM's landmark Masterworks enterprise is being issued to showcase "the diverse works of living, contemporary composers from around the world." Little has been praised for his ability to channel immense creativity and innovation while remaining accessible to new listeners. His compositions are featured on Vols. 3, 5, 8, 10 and 11 – including works for such diverse forces as voice, brass, percussion and strings. Jonathan's first major orchestral work – a showpiece for large orchestra – will be released at the end of 2006 on Volume 11, a recording jointly funded by the UK's Kenneth Leighton Trust and the USA's Foundation for New Music.