September 01, 2006



A Family Affair
Over the last decade, Daniel Smith and his four younger siblings have played music together using various monikers. Their most recent album is the much-acclaimed Ships, under the name Danielson. Ships includes the 'Danielson Famile' with both old and new friends, such as Sufjan Stevens, Serena Maneesh and Steve Albini. The album contains the band's most accessible, melodic songwriting to date, spiced up by trumpet blares and a chorus of vocals. Daniel and his family have long built their spirited music up with additional visuals, such as costumes and graphics. The fact that the band often wears matching doctor outfits adds to spectacle of the group's live shows. Early in 2006, a Danielson documentary was released on DVD, which covers the band's rise. The patriarch of the family is musician and ASCAP member Lenny Smith. His New Jerusalem Music publishing company handles Danielson as well as rising indie stars Sujfan Stevens, Castanets and many others.



Maria Muldaur Explores Her Roots
Maria Muldaur's career has spanned decades and she has delved into every style of American music: blues, early jazz, gospel, folk, country and R&B. With pop oriented recordings in the '70s and more roots oriented sounds of Louisiana in the '90s, Maldaur has constantly explored the music terrain around her through her wonderful voice. Born and raised in New York City's Greenwich Village, Muldaur's musical core is the folk music that shaped the early stages of her life. It is only fitting that her latest release is Heart Of Mine: Maria Muldaur Sings Love Songs Of Bob Dylan on Telarc Records. Dylan's wonderful lyrics are brought to a whole new life with Maldaur's romantic and sensual voice.



Beyond Virtuosity
Rob Schwimmer is a composer, piano virtuoso and thereminist who has long gained the respect and admiration of many in the music industry. He has performed and recorded with a dazzling array of artists, including Wayne Shorter, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Laure Anderson, Willie Nelson, Bette Midler and Queen Latifah, to name only a few. His work, which has been called a brilliant mix of musical discipline, sensuality, technical acumen and freedom, has been featured in theater, television series, movies and documentaries. In August, NuNoise Records released a new album, Beyond the Sky, featuring Schwimmer’s solo piano and theremin works. The legendary producer and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner Arif Mardin said, “Not only is Rob Schwimmer one of my first call piano players, he’s also a great artist in his own right. His compositions, technique and interpretation all come together on Beyond the Sky, some of the best piano playing I’ve ever heard.” Beyond the Sky is available through CDBaby and


TAYLOR BARTON'S Vapor, the sixth album for the NYC-based singer-songwriter.

EDWARD BARTUREN'S The Lady. Featuring ten original songs, this album marks the artist's debut.

MICHAEL BROOK'S third solo disc, RockPaperScissors. The album features an eclectic mix of talent, from the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to local orchestral and choral ensembles in Bulgaria. Intended to appear to the listener as a vivid journey or adventure, the album was recorded in Los Angeles, England, Scotland, and Bulgaria.

TIMOTHY J. BROWN'S Songs of Light, Songs of Shadows. The album features Justin Brown, baritone, and Mary Jo Peña, piano, performing texts by Mark Doty and Pablo Neruda.

HELEN J. BRUNER and Terry Jones marked the launch of their new label, Phil'erzy Productions, with the release of Phil'erzy artist All Rize's new album, Got Soul? "Then Dance."

KEN BUONO AND THE TELL ALLS' Feeding Frenzy. This is the first release for the PA-based band, under the leadership of lead vocalist and guitarist Buono.

STEPHEN BUTLER'S new album, Best of '99 to '06, with his band, Smash Palace. The band recently toured England's most prestigious musical venues to promote the album, which was released during the tour. The band was recently signed to Zip Records. Under the leadership of guitarist and vocalist Butler, the members of Smash Palace are DyAnne DiSalvo (guitar, vocals), Anthony Bezich (drums), and Phil Rizzo (bass).

ELIZABETH CHRISTOPHER'S new single, "Seek the Lord," performed by the Christian music singer/songwriter/pianist.

BRYAN CLARK'S Nebraska House. Clark is donating a significant portion of the CD sales to a foundation that provides non-medical treatment expenses for cancer patients for items like wigs. His music is Texas-Americana/bluegrass with a twist of jazz. Clark teaches music theory, composition, history and guitar

GUY CLARK'S Workbench Songs, which marks Clark's tenth studio album and his first release on Dualtone Records. What sets this album apart is Clark's new enthusiasm in co-writing-the disc features tracks on which Clark collaborated with numerous old friends in the business, including Rodney Crowell, Steve Nelson, Verlon Thompson, Gary Nicholson, Lee Roy Parnell and Darrell Scott.

THE CRASH MODERNS' self titled EP. Having opened for Bon Jovi, Bowling for Soup and others, this NJ-based pop/rock quintet have fans buzzing over their infectious melodies and undeniable hooks.

MICHAEL CROWTHER'S Music Box. The album features elements of new age, Latin, jazz, blues, world, and orchestral music.

BRIAN GARI'S We Bombed in New London tells the true story of one man's tenacious plight to get his musical mounted from its romantic inception to its eventual demise and then the score's resurrection in cabarets and recordings. Packed with memorabilia, including rare photos and interviews, this book documents composer/lyricist Brian Gari's minute-by-minute development of his musical.

JOHNNIE GEE'S new EP, One More Time. All songs on the album were written, composed, arranged, and recorded by Johnnie Gee/Sidetraxx Records, the Milwaukee-based artist's own label.

JUSTIN GLANVILLE'S debut album, Blue Stars. The album contains ten original compositions that fuse elements of pop, folk, and country music, the majority of which were written during Glanville's five years as reporter and researcher for the Associated Press in New York.

GOSLING'S Here is…. This is the debut album for the Washington-based group, who prides itself on the diversity of its sound and the uninhibited nature of its songwriting.

DARON HAGEN'S Bandanna, an Opera in Two Acts and a Prologue. Albany Records released the world premiere recording of the opera.

BENITA HILL'S I'll See You In My Song. The album, Hill's fifth, captures unique sounds reminiscent of 1940's and 50's jazz and blues.

GLENN KAISER'S Bound for Glory, a collection of twelve traditional Christian songs arranged by Kaiser in his distinctive blues tradition. Daughter Ami Moss provides additional vocals on several tracks.

MATT KEATING'S Summer Tonight. Keating traded his hard-earned reputation in the New York rock scene for the sounds of viola and acoustic guitar in the tradition of American musical greats Woody Guthrie, Kris Kristofferson, Gram Parsons, and June and Johnny Cash. This is the first album on which Keating collaborated with his wife, Emily Spray-together they recorded four of the album's songs.

CHRIS KNIGHT'S Enough Rope. With his fourth release, Knight has proven that he is a natural storyteller. This time around, he tells tales with the help of producer Gary Nicholson and mixer Ray Kennedy.

STEVEN LATOURRETTE'S If I Were You, the country singer/songwriter's first fully produced solo album.

BOB LEVY'S Out in the Cold-New Jazz Standards. Levy's songs are performed on the CD by jazz vocalists Perry Danos, Shelly Miller, and Dane Vannatter. The CD contains seventeen original jazz standards, including Dane's "What Are We Doing Here?" and "Out In The Cold."

EDNA MASSIMILLA'S This Is Our Life. The album, which features the song "Heaven's Very Special Child," revolves around the purposes of life's disabilities, both physical and mental.

FRANK MORRISON and RANDALL MICHAEL TOBIN'S song "Rhythm of the Ball" on the day the World Cup started. The pair wrote their own anthem to this edition of the World Cup soccer tournament.

M-ROCK HOLMES' Male Ego. M-Rock Holmes is not an artist driven by being popular but an artist driven by freedom. Male Ego appears to be upbeat on the surface, but is really a dark album at the core. The album dabbles in musical styles from organic hip-hop, drum n bass, rock, reggae, neo soul to R&B.

ROSY NOLAN'S debut, Phantom Hymns. The album, recorded by Nolan and the Rosy Nolan Band, gracefully steps outside the box of preexisting country, rock, and folk standards.

ON THE LAST DAY'S debut album, Meaning in the Static. The Seattle quintet was recently signed by Victory Records.

THE QUAHAUGS' fundraising single, "Weeds Amongst Flowers." Every download will go towards a donation to the Music Rising Foundation, established to bring music back to churches, schools, and communities affected by Hurricane Katrina. The song is included on their upcoming album, Venus mercenaria.

SCOTT ROBLESKI'S Lonesome Road. Robleski and his band, Rattletrap Jack, are planning a tour to promote the album.

MICHELLE RUSSELL'S Queeni Presents…Sunday Morning, a tribute to Sunday morning worship.

JUSTIN SAAR'S debut album, There'll Never Be Another. The CD/DVD was written, produced, and directed by Saar.

LEE SIMMONS' Sometimes Fools. This is the debut album for the Austin, TX artist.

MICHAEL ALAN SNYDER'S Purifier, the artist's eighteenth full-length album to date.

STRATOCRUISER'S Revolution. The band's newest collection of 70's inspired rock on new indie label, Just Plain Lucky Records. It features 11 tracks written by ASCAP members Clay Howard and Mike Nicholson.

GREGG SWANN'S Everybody's Got To Be Somewhere. Swann is also included on the latest Songwriter's Hall of Fame "Best New Writers" CD.

IRENE TUOMAINEN'S song "Faith" hit #19 on Billboard's Dance Chart for Hot Club Play, #7 on Starfleet, etc., and #3 according to the Masspool DJ Association.

DENISE VASQUEZ'S Frame of Mind, which showcases Vasquez's talents as a vocalist, songwriter and guitarist.

LORD VISHNU PUBLISHING'S four new Buddhaboy albums, as part of the 2006 World Peace Campaign.

THE VOODOO JETS' Supersonic. Finding their niche as a pop band without guitars or digital guitar samples, the band is keyboardist/songwriter Micah Sheveloff, drummer John Fowler, and bassist/lead vocalist Francesco Perrouna. The album was produced by Boston's David Minehan.

AMY WARD'S debut album, Twenty-Nine. With more than 600 songs broadcast in Canada, Europe, and the United States in the past two years, the singer/songwriter/pianist has earned her first CD.

WAKING ASHLAND'S new EP, Telescopes. The follow-up to their debut album, Composure, the band sought to retain the positive elements of the first album while branching off in a new direction. The EP features seven new songs and live video footage of the band's tour in Japan. Waking Ashland recently signed with Immortal Records, and has already set to work on their next album, the first under their new label.

FELTON WHITE'S first single, "Tears from Heaven," now playing online at the Prophetnoel website and MySpace page.

MICHAEL WHITTAKER'S Modern World, his third solo release. Whittaker has also launched as a way to help others learn via the internet and for him to produce alternate creative sources of income.

RAIN WORTHINGTON'S orchestral compositions, "Yet Still Night" and "Shredding Glass," on ERMMedia's "Masterworks of the New Era" series, Volume 11 and 12.

MIKE YOUNGER'S second LP, Every Stone You Throw. A link to his single from the record, "Everyday War," was added to Neil Young's anti-war website.