September 01, 2006

Soho's Best Kept Secret

With his third album, the secret's out on Tim Arnold


Tim Arnold

Former Jocasta frontman Tim Arnold, who's already got two albums under his belt this year, will round out 2006 with a third solo effort entitled Secrets of Soho. The album was recorded by Arnold, alone and acoustic, in two days at Soho's famous Colony Room and shows the singer casting himself quite clearly as a chronicler of London's West End. With his vaudevillian family roots, this is the concept album about Soho that Ray Davies never made. All the sleaze and silvery of Soho street life is there, and if you thought you knew London, think again. Arnold began his career getting signed to Sony at 19 and composed for Shakespear's Globe when he was just 23. Previously, Arnold has also released Seeker's Serum, a fifty-minute instrumental opus available on iTunes, and En Route, a proper alt-rock outing that received rave reviews. As if that wasn't enough on his plate, the prolific Brit has also assembled the finest classical musicians in London to create his own ensemble and somehow managed to find time to write and record yet another album, Another World, which will also be recorded in Spanish for a 2007 release. Check out his music at