March 01, 2005


His score for the documentary, Dust to Glory, is the latest success for this young film and TV composer

Nathan Furst

Nathan Furst

At age 26, Nathan Furst has already composed the themes and underscore for more than 20 film and television projects, and is the youngest composer to have been nominated for his music by both the DVD Exclusive Academy and Annie Awards organizations. Currently working from his state-of-the-art digital production studio located in Calabasas, CA, Nathan is scoring the Sci-Fi Channel's hi-tech thriller film, Stratosphere, and recently began work on his third feature project for Miramax Films entitled Bionicle: City of Shadows.

Nathan's epic original score for the action documentary feature film, Dust to Glory, for producer Scott Waugh and director Dana Brown (Step Into Liquid) was commercially released as a soundtrack album, concurrent with the film's theatrical release in April 2005.

His resume also includes the Miramax/Disney release, Bionicle 2: Legends of Metri Nui, for which he received his second consecutive nomination by the DVD Exclusive Academy in the category of Best Original Score; Bionicle: Mask of Light; the 2003 NBC holiday comedy National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2; Baby Huey's Adventure; the entire three-season run of WB animated series Max Steel, for which he received the Annie Award nomination for Best Music in an Animated Production; and the main title themes for the critically-acclaimed Discovery/BBC productions, Behind the Terror and Weapons of War.