Michael Franti

Performing 1/25 @ 5:15 & 1/26 @ 4:30

Michael Franti is a musician, humanitarian and filmmaker who is recognized as a pioneering force in the music industry. Franti is revered for his high-energy live shows, inspiring music, philanthropic efforts and authentic connection to his global fan community. Franti believes in using music as a vehicle for positive change, stating “I feel a deeper sense of purpose in music today than I ever have in my career. My goal is to make the most inspiring music I possibly can for this crazy and wonderful time we’re all living in.”

"This wasn’t just entertaining, this was an epic spiritual experience. Franti makes you forget about all the stress in life. This concert was about the music and spreading his message of love. We experienced a pretty spectacular night." -Mile High Feedback


"Here was a whole group of people young and old, on stage and off, holding hands and singing for a better world. Make sure you check Michael out when it comes to your town so you can experience some of the magic." -Reggae in NYC


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