Brett Dennen

Performing 1/23 @ 4:15 & 1/24 @ 4:15

Singer-songwriter Brett Dennen is a contemplative introvert by nature, an adventurer by soul, and the great communicator by effect. As someone whose endeavors include a mountain town ski “Lift” series advancing environmental activism in the winter, a beach “Vacationer” series supporting local environment preservation in the summer, and a venture developing wine rosés, Dennen has found a niche way of incorporating his love of music, the outdoors and wine into his live tours.

“The breezy songs of California native Brett Dennen combine the earnest sentiments of activist folk with briskly sweet-natured pop.”—NPR Music

“It’s time for the whole world to take notice of Brett Dennen’s expert pop songcraft.”—KCRW “Morning Becomes Eclectic”

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