ASCAP Experience Digital #6 "I'm Back!" Playlist

June 25, 2021

We asked ASCAP members: On that joyous day when you finally play your first post-pandemic live gig, what's going to be the first original song in your set? Here are 12 of our favorites from the hundreds you sent in, included in issue 6 of ASCAP Experience Digital. Listen to each of them below! 


1. “Lower East”
Songwriters: Jonathan Bluth, Tove Ekström, Emma Ekström // Performers: Gemelle // IG: @gemelleofficial

"I met Swedish twin duo Gemelle a couple years ago at a song camp in northern Sweden. We instantly clicked and have been writing ever since online. They are such true talents & recently signed to Warner Sweden. It has been so nice to have them to collaborate with during this pandemic. They were planning a work trip to New York (where I live) and the song is inspired by all the people and places we would have seen on the 'Lower East.' Thank you ASCAP for listening!" -Jonathan Bluth

2. “Mallori (I See You)”
Songwriters: Dominique Price, Daniel Mehrmann, Cody Henry // Performer: Eldraco // IG: @eldracoprice // TW: @eldracoprice

"'Mallori' is a funk-infused pop song awarded with the Stuck at Home Award from The John Lennon Song Competition. It tells the story of a woman suffering domestic abuse at first in silence, but in the end with the power of a voice. It features ferocious horns arranged by Cody Henry and slick pop production by Daniel Mehrmann. This is all grounded by poignant lyricism, energetic arranging, being elevated by a powerful vocal showing from artist Eldraco."

3. “Broken In”
Songwriter and Performer: Ben Wagner // IG: @benwagnermusic

"We’ve made it through a lot this year and this song celebrates our durability. Plus it just was named a finalist in the Great American Song Contest! I cannot wait to belt this song with my fans. Thanks for listening."

4. “Bigger"
Songwriters: Matthew Shwachman, Russell Ali, Sanjoy Deb, Mitchell Rose, Maurico Tuggle // Performers: My Silent Bravery // IG: @mysilentbravery // TW: @mysilentbravery

"The song is about seeing things in a bigger way, having a bigger vision, and giving your all in seeing your vision through to fruition. What better way to start your set after being on the sidelines for a while! The song has a very uplifting message too, from the song's first line of 'Can't go big if you're thinking small' to its anthemic chorus 'Bigger, bigger with your heart / Bigger with your love / Bigger with your touch / Bigger, bigger with your vision / Bigger how you think about us / One life, one love / One chance to give it our all / Bigger, bigger with your vision / Bigger how you think about us.'"

5. “Flame in the Night”
Songwriters: Heather Lynn Evans, Michael John Meiers & Joshua Carter Seawell // Performer: Heather Evans // IG: @heatherevansmusic // TW: @heatherevans

"This song is an anthem of hope through all the turmoil and darkness of this past year! It was also featured on MTV’s Teen Mom 2 on May 11th!"

6. “Square One”
Songwriters: Bruce Smith, Brian Angel, Roy Studmire // Performers: B.Smith, Brian Angel // IG: @bsmithmj // TW: @bsmithmj 

7. “Keyhole”
Songwriter: Jenna Fournier // Performers: Niights // IG: @niightsband // TW: @niightstheband

"This is a fan favorite and I like to make my fans happy and open sets strong."

8. “Little Mo' Betta”
Songwriters: David Davis, Mitchell Rose // Performer: David Davis// IG: @justdaviddavis // TW: @justdaviddavis 

9. “Crumbs”
Songwriter & Performer: Jonatha Brooke // IG: @jonathabrooke // TW: @jonathabrooke 

10. “Sí”
Songwriter: Luis Armando Rivera // Performer: Luis Armando // IG: @luisarmandomusic // TW: @luisarmandor

"This is the most innocent and sweetest song I've written. I usually open shows with just the background vocals playing in a loop until I come on stage, and it just feels so magical and fresh when I finally start to sing. I just feel so connected to my audience when I do this and it just makes me feel so grateful. Here's a video explaining what I mean about the background vocals."

11. “Back Then”
Songwriter: Joshua Blue // Performer: j.blu // IG: @therealjblu

12. “Stronger Now”
Songwriter: Lourds Lane // Performer: SuperYou // IG: @lourdslane // TW: @lourdslane

"My name is Lourds Lane and I am the book/music/lyrics writer and violin-playing co-star of a Broadway-bound musical called SuperYou (  This song, 'Stronger Now' is an empowering rock anthem from the show. The song speaks to the power and resilience within us all, and it is resonant now more than ever on the heels of a global pandemic that has upheaved all our lives. 'Stronger Now' celebrates getting on the other side of grief, and the power of our voices, through the journey of an artist who learns to love herself and step into her power when her own superheroine creations come to life. The underlying message is that although change is hard, on the other side of this epic change, we will be stronger than ever before. More than any other song in my catalogue, I can't wait to play this song live again with our cast on a Broadway stage when theater opens again.

'Stronger Now' also became the anthem for our Broadway team, as we paved new ground and experienced growth during the pandemic, despite theater shutdown. SuperYou was supposed to open on May 27, 2020 in NYC. When shutdown started on March 12, 2020 we were a week away from our press release and launching ticket sales, and it soon became clear we would likely never open. From there, our story really began, as 'life started imitating art' and we jumped into the mission of the show - resilience, getting past loss, owning one's own 'superpowers.' We launched a socially distant concert on pickup trucks at a drive in in June 2020, filmed it, got a ton of organic press, released a concept album on all streaming platforms, started a TikTok page, went viral a few times with thousands of new fans requesting sheet music, and launched a one-hour movie/documentary in March on Broadway on Demand (which has been extended until end of May due to demand). This show I wrote and composed, SuperYou, made history as the first theatrical show to perform safely live during the global pandemic.

'Stronger Now' is sung by myself (I open the song and jump onto the bed to play an epic electric violin solo in the middle of the song), as well as many of the female cast members of the musical." 

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