ASCAP Experience Digital #5 "Good Vibes" Playlist

February 18, 2021

 There’s nothing like a great song to lift our spirits when we need it most. We asked the readers of ASCAP Experience Digital for original songs about joy, togetherness, gratitude or general good vibes. Here are the 15 compositions selected by our editors from the hundreds of tracks you sent, and included in issue 5 of ASCAP Experience Digital. Listen to each of them below! 


1. “Forgive Yourself”
Songwriters: Emily Beihold, Ian Walsh // Performer: Emily Beihold // IG: @embeihold // TW: @embeihold

"This song is what I would have said to a friend of mine who committed suicide from a drug overdose in July of 2019. He was a good kid, but was wrapped up with the wrong people. In a more universal sense, this song communicates that we should should be gentle and patient with ourselves, especially when times are rough."

2. “Shades of Neon”
Songwriters: Alessandro Ayer, Spencer Ayer, Tony Tancredi // Performers: E.T. Man // IG: @etmanmusic // TW: @e_t_man

"This song is about falling in love with Downtown LA and feeling night-time nostalgia!"

3. “2020”
Songwriter and Performer: Adriel Diaz // IG: @AdrielDiaz // TW: @RealAdrielDiaz

4. “Don’t Sleep On Me"
Songwriters: Oren H. Levine, Aaron L. Myers // Performers: Aaron Myers, Oren Levine, Steve Arnold, Tyler Leak // IG: @olevinejazz // TW: @ohljazz

"We wrote 'Don’t Sleep On Me' as a message of encouragement to our fellow musicians and other creative artists, reminding them to believe in themselves and their talent and not get distracted by external criticism and their own doubts. The song was written and recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic but is more relevant now, as artists spend most of their time at home alone, without the energy and reinforcement of fans and colleagues."

5. “All In”
Songwriters: Alvin Shamoun, Thomas Timmons // Performer: Biggie Babylon // IG: @biggiebabylon // TW: @biggiebabylon

"COVID pandemic had Biggie Babylon thinking about retiring from music but after doing some soul searching, he decided to go 'All In' on a new single! 'All In' features a Post Malone sound with a Coronado California vibe."

6. “Summer Nights”
Songwriters: Michael Aiello, Charles Aiello, Chloe Lawson // Performer: Chloe Lawson// IG: @michaelaiello01

"Chloe Lawson’s captivating vocal captures the nostalgia and memories of the good times spent with the right person on summer nights."

7. “Genesis”
Songwriters: Jessica Sorensen, Perry Sorensen // Performer: Jessie Kol // IG: @jessiekolmusic // TW: @jessiekol

" '... I don’t wanna lose this supernatural feeling of us beginning.' 'Genesis' is a song about the desire to relive all of the 'feels' and 'first moments' of a romance."

8. “No More Tears”
Songwriter Desmond E. Ford // Performer: DEF davyne // IG: @defdavyne // TW: @defdavyne 

9. “Feel It”
Songwriters: Katherine Huet, Cairo Marques-Neto, Jennifer Matthews, Nicholas Saenz // Performer: JenMarie // IG: @jenmarieinc // TW: @jenmarieinc

"We wrote this song as part of a writing camp (NY Topliner) in February 2020."

10. “You’re Not the Only One”
Songwriters: Damian Nesta Marley, Richard Daley, AJ Brown, Sean Diedric // Performers: THIRD WORLD ft Damian Marley // IG: @ThirdWorldBand // TW: @ThirdWorldBand

" 'If you're out there, somewhere feeling lonely / You're not the only one, You're not the only one.' This song is definitely an anthem for 2020 – the song has given comfort to so many that have been isolated from friends and loved ones during the pandemic. We released the song August 2019, and never expected the song to have so much significance in 2020. Produced by Damian Marley, the song was on our 2019-2020 Grammy-nominated (Best Reggae Album) album More Work to Be Done."

11. “Tomorrow Is Just a Few More Miles Away”
Songwriter and Performer: Bradley Carlton Harris // IG: @brad41a

12. “Mountain Country”
Songwriter DMark Jeantine // Performer: Mark Jean // IG: @yomarkjean // TW: @yomarkjean 

"It tells of the wondrous beauty of the mountain country, Haiti."

13. "Things to Come"
Songwriter and Performer: Jeremy Parsons // IG: @jmpickinfool // TW: @JMParsonsMusic

"We all have those crucial crossroad points in our life, a moment in which you have to look at what you've got and realistically decide what's next and what's for the best. 'Things to Come' is about the journey that got me there, a rollercoaster ride of drugs and alcohol, a search for the correct answers for myself. Was it that my life was over, or was it that something greater was about to begin? That was my choice to make, and I chose the latter. I walked that path until it almost killed me, and then with the help of the ones I love the most, I made a shift. I quit drinking because it was destroying me, my friendships, and all I had worked to achieve. There were plenty of good times and travels there, but I had more to do, and I was finally ready to face myself and get back on track. This is a song for the future and comes with the knowledge that we are in control of our own lives, and we should look forward to that, no matter how rough it gets. Here's to you, to now, and to all the Things to Come."

14. "What I'm Here For"
Songwriter and Performer: Nicholas Wells // IG: @nicholaswellsmusic // TW: @nicholasgwells

15. "Wherever We Go"
Songwriters: Katleen Dugas and Justin Froese // Performer: Katleen // IG: @katleenmusic

"'Wherever We Go' is my first solo single. It is a song that invites people to be fearless and live in the moment. After being stuck inside due to COVID-19, I wrote this song for everyone who has been craving adventure. This is the first of many more musical adventures to come!"

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