ASCAP Experience Digital #4 Playlist: Songs Released in Quarantine

September 9, 2020

Creativity can never be quarantined! We know that so many of you have kept on writing and recording songs that you’re proud of - and ASCAP wants to hear ‘em. We asked for your best original songs that you’ve released over the past few months - no genre restrictions, just as long as it was written by at least one ASCAP member and released since lockdown began.

Here are the 10 compositions selected by our editors from the 1500+ tracks you sent, and included in issue 4 of ASCAP Experience Digital. Listen to each of them below! 


1. “Young”
Songwriter: Jordan Gibbons // Performer: The Barrens // IG: @thebarrensband

"This year, I celebrated my 10 year high school reunion. The song is inspired by those nights we had as teenagers - hanging with our buddies and figuring out who we wanted to be."

2. “Wheelhouse of Wonder”
Songwriter: Eric Pan // Performers: Eric Pan, Nir Sabag, Hugo Reydet // IG: @pandelic

"This song was written in the rainforest in Monteverde, Costa Rica, as part of my Travel Poems project. It was just featured in an interview on national radio. Also, each song from this trilogy album suite has a postcard associated, and here is the one for this track: 'Claire, I think it’s wild that the feeling of home can change. It can even become untethered from geography, it can become a person. It can disappear completely. I think I’ve experienced all these variations. Can it be somewhere I’ve never even visited, except only in my mind? When I was a child I built a toy village, and would imagine becoming tiny and moving in with them. Can home be the whole world?'"

3. “Wicked”
Songwriter & performer: The Ringer // IG: @whoistheringer

"I wrote this song in college because everyone else was cool and I wanted to sound cool too. Nothing changed of course but at least I have this dope song!"

4. “Mustard Seed Guy” (feat. Soul)
Songwriter: Calle Rue // Performers: Calle Rue, Soul // FB: @calleruemusic

"This is my first song I released on Spotify, and I collaborated with a singer through Fiverr. I wrote, arranged, produced, and mixed the song. It was mastered by Benny Steele."

5. “How They Broke Away”
Composer: Andy Teirstein // Performers: Andy Teirstein, Sonya Headlam, David DeWitt, Erin Stewart, Sam Simahk, Zack Marshall // FB: @andy.teirstein

"It draws on Appalachian roots music, fretless banjo, and opera singing, with words by Carl Sandburg from 1922 (cleared as public domain)."

6. “Come Home Tonite”
Songwriters: Timothy Dean, Anthony Gregory, Barachi, Vinchi, Norris Sledge // Performers: Ag, Barachi, Vinchi // IG: @dramatiq00

"We hosted a listening with Bay Bay sponsored by Spectrasonics & iZotope. Listened to by Fresh Ayr & Dcember who called it a hit and may reproduce the beat and re-release to help us get a bigger push."

7. “Headtwist”
Songwriter: Jonathan Paul // Performers: Rectanglez // IG: @rectanglezmusic

"Made during quarantine with all remote recordings."

8. “Circus of Lies”
Songwriters & performers: Jason Blynn & Max Knight // IG: @yayblynn & @maxknightmare

"I recorded these songs by myself in my home studio, so I play all the instruments except for the bass, which my friend and co-writer Max Knight plays. The song touches on our current state of late stage capitalism and the untethering of truth."

9. “Black Skin Lullaby”
Songwriter: Lina Gatineau-Elder // Performer: Chewii // IG: @chewiimusique

"When the movement sparked up, I rose with it and for two weeks I locked myself into the studio and immersed myself in the emotional grief of the moment and put all that emotion and pain into the creation of this project. I felt it was my duty as an artist, as Nina Simone once declared, to reflect the times. I produced, wrote and vocal engineered the song myself. "

10. “Love Letter”
Songwriters: Paris Nix, Ye Sung Ha // Performer: Parix Nix // IG: @parisgnix

"'Love Letter' serves as an open invitation for love, light and happiness to flourish in the lives of whoever sings the anthem. Its cross-genre feel includes fractions of R&B, soul, jazz and gospel elements; a mixture of Paris's eclectic taste. His hope is that in these troubling times 'Love Letter' will offer just a bit of solace to a world in need of love."

Soff Serve ยท Circus Of Lies