ASCAP Experience Digital #3 Playlist

May 26, 2020

In every issue of ASCAP Experience Digital, we invite readers to submit for our AXD Playlist. Here are 10 songs selected by our editors from the hundreds of tracks you sent.

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AXD #3 PLAYLIST (listen below on Spotify)

1. “Lovely Mess”
Songwriter: Russell B. Wilson // Performer: Still Wilson // @stillwilsonmusic

2. “Hope (Less)”
Songwriter: Emma K. Proietti // Performer: Cubs // @writtenbycubs

3. “Let's Ride”
Songwriter: Gabe Kubanda, Curtis Douglas // Performer: Gabe Kubanda // @gabekubanda

4. “Right Side of the Tracks”
Songwriters: Clifton Beach, Matthew Bobb // Performer: Cliff Beach // @cliffbeachmusic

5. “Found”
Songwriters: Dekesha Laneé Grannum // Performer: Laneé Heartsong // @Lanee143

6. “There Is No Hourglass, Only Sand”
Songwriter: Robert Anthony Cimitile // Performer: Builder of the House // @buildermusic

7. “Color of Your Love”
Songwriter & Performer: Kevin Straine // @kstrainemusic

8. “Language of Love”
Songwriter: Adam Matthew Goodley // Performers: Adam Exler & J Holla // @adamexler

9. “Self-Made Man”
Songwriters: Charlie Aiken, Greatful Jon // Performers: Charlie Aiken and The Rebel Heart Band // @rhb4u2

10. “Skebe”
Songwriter & Performer: Lily Ogé // @lily_oge