VIDEO PREMIERE: The Maine on Experimenting with New Single "Numb Without You"

By Kate Cordova, Associate Director of Social Media  •  March 20, 2019

Emo is alive and well thanks to The Maine. The Arizona rock group has consistently pushed the envelope with each new song they have released over the past 12 years. Their forthcoming seventh album You Are OK, out independently on Friday March 29, is their most creatively dynamic release yet.

Experienced music creators know that in order to grow, you must embrace change, experiment and step out of your comfort zone. In this exclusive video interview, drummer Pat Kirch explains, “We’ve been caught in this fear for awhile where we wanted everything that we did in the studio to be able to be translated well when we did it at a show. On this album we just decided that the studio and a show are two completely different things, so why not exploit everything that the studio has to offer?”

The album's first single, “Numb Without You,” shows a fresh, experimental side of the band that dives into uncharted territory by adding strings, a half-time chorus, stacking guitars and vocal layering. As Kirch describes it: “This song was the first one to take it where it felt like nothing we had ever done. It felt brand new, it felt dangerous, it felt exciting. It’s so far off from what we’ve done.”

“With the Machine Studio, it opened up a million different doors for us,” explains frontman John O’Callaghan on how they developed string production and worked with an orchestra to help bring the strings to life.

Take a look at our exclusive interview about how the band created “Numb Without You” and took their music to a whole other level.

You Are OK is available worldwide on March 29. Check out the band on tour this spring and summer - more details at