Industry Groups Announce Initiative to Keep Songwriters & Publishers in Charge of New Music Licensing Collective

February 5, 2019


The National Music Publishers Association (NMPA), Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) and Songwriters of North America (SONA) have announced a campaign to gain support for their industry-consensus Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC) submission to the US Copyright Office. The submission, which will be filed by March 21st, creates the collective body required by the Music Modernization Act (MMA) to license and administer mechanical rights.

For songwriters, composers and music publishers, it is important to demonstrate support for this application so this important collective is guided by the creative community. Songwriters and artists who support the MLC can visit to officially endorse it. Music publishers can add their endorsements at

The new collective, now required under the MMA guidelines, will license and administer mechanical rights to songwriters and publishers. It will also report royalty statements to the artists, making payments directly to the copyright holder. The MLC will be made up of appointed songwriters and composers who will represent the interests of the music community and make educated decisions on the implementation of the MMA.

As dictated by the MMA, the MLC “must be endorsed by, and enjoy substantial support from, musical work copyright owners that together represent the greatest percentage of licensor market.” The NMPA believes it has the support and represents of the majority of this market, from major record labels such as Universal, Sony, and Warner to publishers such as BMG and Kobalt. To see a full list of endorsers, please visit the NSAI website.

The songwriting and production community can submit their endorsement of NMPA’s application by visiting or for Music Publishers.

Additionally, the groups announced the MLC Board and Committee appointments. They are:

MLC Board of Directors:

Jeff Brabec (BMG), Peter Brodsky (Sony/ATV), Bob Bruderman (Kobalt), Tim Cohan (peermusic), Alisa Coleman (ABKCO), Scott Cutler (Pulse Music Group), Paul Kahn (Warner/Chappell Music), David Kokakis (Universal Music Publishing), Mike Molinar (Big Machine Music), Evelyn Paglinawan (Concord Music), Kara DioGuardi, Oak Felder, Kevin Kadish and Tim Nichols.

MLC Unclaimed Royalties Oversight Committee:

Phil Cialdella (Atlas Music Publishing), Patrick Curley (Third Side Music), Michael Eames (PEN Music Group), Frank Liwall (The Royalty Network, Inc.), Kathryn Ostien (TRO Essex Music Group), busbee, Kay Hanley, David Lowery, Dan Navarro and Tom Shapiro.

MLC Dispute Resolution Committee:

Alison Koerper (Disney Music), Ed Leonard (Daywind), Sean McGraw (Downtown), Debbie Rose (Shapiro Bernstein), Jason Rys (Wixen Music), Aimée Allen, Odie Blackmon, Gary Burr, David Hodges and Jennifer Schott.

MLC Operations Advisory Committee:

Joe Conyers III (Songtrust), Scott Farrant (Kobalt), Rell Lafargue (Reservoir Media Management), John Reston (Universal Music Publishing), Bill Starke (Sony/ATV) and Michael Lau (Round Hill Music).

Additionally, the NMPA-created MLC group has two distinct advisory groups: the publisher advisory group and the songwriter advisory group.

The publisher advisory group included: Kenny MacPherson (Big Deal), Teri Nelson Carpenter (Reel Muzik Werks), Caroline Bienstock (Bienstock Empire, Inc.), Julie Lipsius (Lipservices), John Ozier (ole) and Matt Pincus.

The songwriter advisory panel included: Steve Bogard (NSAI), Dallas Davidson (BMI), Chris DeStefano (NSAI), Bob DiPiero (BMI), Dan Foliart (ASCAP), Adam Gorgoni (SONA), Michelle Lewis (SONA), Paul Williams (ASCAP) and Lynn Gillespie Chater (SGA).