The World According to Sam Phillips

By Erik Philbrook, ASCAP Editor in Chief  •  September 28, 2018

Phillips, who is now taking the steps to become a certified recovery coach and drug and alcohol counselor, recently spoke to ASCAP about his mission to help those struggling with addiction by harnessing the power of rock and roll.

What’s the origin of Clean Getaway, the album?

The foundation of the whole thing is that I’ve been in recovery for 30 plus years now. I got clean and sober in September of ’87. The responsibility I carry for being blessed with that gift is to be there for people caught in that dark hallway between denial and surrender, and walk them into the light when they reach out for help. Part of the responsibility of that is if you were blessed enough to be pulled out of that lifestyle, you know, you have to turn around when somebody asks for help and reach out and pull them out.

That’s part of what people do in recovery, hopefully. I do that in my community support groups. That’s what I love about community support groups. The common thread that runs through all of us is pretty much the same. Whatever your poison is, through trial and error and a bunch of hard lessons learned, most will come to the conclusion that we can’t do the first one. We all help each other try and achieve that end game, which is acceptance!